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Early Action Admissions — December 1

What are you committing to if you apply early to Bethlehem College & Seminary? The answer is: “nothing.” Our “Early Action Admissions” program is really just a gift to you. AdmissionsConsultants claim that “it’s hard to think of any aspect of college admissions that is more confusing than that of early admissions policies.” What do […]

“Unsettling” Research on Christian Students

A major study was undertaken recently through the partnership of the Association of Biblical Higher Education and the Barna Group, and the results were just released this year. Bethlehem College & Seminary is accredited through ABHE, so I took a keen interest in these results. Here’s a catchy preview to a sampling of the findings: […]

College as a Commodity?

While watching a presentation this week, I was informed that college education is increasingly being viewed as a commodity rather than a differentiated product. “A what?” you say? That was my reaction, too. So I found this helpful article—“Commodities Versus Differentiated Products”—and it got me thinking again about what we’re doing here at Bethlehem College […]

Our Brick-and-Mortar School

We’ve been wondering for years: “is the increase in online retailing going to cause physical stores to go out of business?” Well, the Wall Street Journal says, yes, “Brick and Mortar Stores are Shuttering at a Record Pace.” 2,880 retail locations have announced closings this year, which is “more than twice as many closings as […]