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Owen Strachan

Theology Refresh Panel

Joe Rigney

Theology Refresh Panel

Andy Naselli

Theology Refresh Panel

Jared Wilson

Discipleship Seminar The Purpose of Discipleship Is Love

Jonathon Woodyard

Church Planting Seminar The Last Days of Church Planting

Trip Lee

Worship Leaders Seminar The Role of Music in Discipleship

John Knight

Disability Ministry Seminar Gospel Hope for All Who Come: Your Church and Those Living with Disability

Andy Johnson

Missions Seminar The Local Church: God’s Surprising Missionary Plan

Isaac Adams

Elders Seminar “Hi, I’m a Pastor/Elder, and I Struggle with Patience.” Healthy Churches Seminar Justice & the Healthy Church

Tony Merida

Preaching Seminar Passionate Christ-Centered Preaching Producing Gospel Hope