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Jeff Lacine

Discipleship Seminar It Takes a Whole Local Church to Raise a Christian: Why One on One Discipling is Important and Not Sufficient

Keith Getty

Worship Leaders Seminar Created, Commanded and Compelled to Sing!

Matt Boswell

Worship Leaders Seminar Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder

Sam Crabtree

Family Ministry Seminar Not a Clanging Cymbal – Parenting with Loving Correction

Daniel Henderson

Prayer Ministry Seminar Prayer Leadership: Beyond Frustration to Gospel-Focused Transformation

Collin Hansen

Family Ministry Seminar The Duty and Delight of Catechezing your Children

Tim Cain

Church Planting Seminar The Agenda Is Love

Trillia Newbell

Women’s Ministry Seminar The Joy of One Another

Vince Miller

Men’s Ministry Seminar Building Ministry To Men with 5 Men-Focused Disciplines

Steven Lee

Discipleship Seminar How to Build Small Groups that Make Disciples and Transform Lives