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Tuezong Xiong

Tuezong Xiong (26) aspires to be an associate pastor or lay elder in the Twin Cities area. He currently holds the position of a Resource Coordinator at Desiring God, and is a member of the North Campus of Bethlehem Baptist Church. He has been married to his wife, Pa Kou, for five years, and they […]

Jake Torgeson

Jake grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Tennessee, he met and married his wife, Rachel. Jake and Rachel moved to Minnesota in 2019 so that he could pursue an M.Div. from Bethlehem Seminary. They have a son (John) and a daughter (Abigail). After graduation, Jake […]

Hernan Wu

As I myself grow in enjoying God and reflecting his glory, I aim to help others do the same by teaching and equipping them to savor, share, show, and safeguard the gospel of Jesus Christ for the joy of all peoples. email hernan

Matthew Ferguson

After graduating with my M.Div., I plan on completing my Th.M. from Bethlehem Seminary in the spring of 2024. Completing my Th.M., along with my M.Div., will enable me to reason and write more clearly, teach in a variety of contexts, and better equip me for pastoral ministry. My family and I are excited to […]

Jeremiah Ogazi

Chinechetam (Chee-nay-chay-tamm) Jeremiah Ogazi (28) was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria. He loves Jesus and loves to sing and teach the great truths of the Gospel story in the church and at the University. He is happily married to Annie Ogazi and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Campus Programs and Outreach at Anselm […]

Andrew Nam

I currently serve as a pastoral resident at a church plant in North Minneapolis, primarily responsible for leading worship and teaching adult bible classes, while also working as an adjunct professor in philosophy and theology at Christian colleges in the Twin Cities area. After graduation, I hope to continue to serve in urban ministry, working […]

Nathan Colestock

Nathan hopes to treasure and proclaim the infinite worth of God by pastoring and church planting for the rest of his life, with the support of his wife and the joy of his two daughters (and maybe more!). He has worked in family ministry during seminary and is excited to continue to serve his church, especially parents and children. His heart is eventually toward church planting north of the Twin Cities.

Daniel Bouchoc

After serving as a youth pastor in West Virginia for 2 years, Daniel came to Bethlehem Seminary to grow in theological training before continuing to pastor. During his time at Bethlehem he served, and continues to serve, as the young adult leader and ministry assistant for outreach at The North Church where he and his […]

Matthew Racine

Born and raised in Minnesota, God transformed my life right before college and then solidified my desire to minister through teaching middle and high schoolers at my church. After four years in seminary, I aspire to teach at a Christian educational institution, preach the word in the local church, and pastor Christ’s sheep. Following graduation, I plan to […]

Ben Mattson

With an unshakable passion for preaching the word of God, Ben (35) aspires to pastor either in his native New England or the Twin Cities. During his first two years of seminary, Ben served as Ministry Assistant to the Lead Pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church, North Campus. He currently serves as Pastoral Intern at Vine Church in Minneapolis where […]