Academic Dean


Knox Academy

Roseville, MN United States

The job responsibilities are as follows:

• Team Oversight
o Provide Christ-centered discipleship and leadership to faculty.
o Motivate faculty to uphold school’s mission and vision.
o Provide accountability and authority for faculty.
o Identify areas for professional development among faculty.
• Academic Oversight
o Lead in classroom management and logistics.
o Provide timely feedback on lesson plans.
o Provide guidance on and review annual mapping of faculty.
o Facilitate regular faculty in-person meetings with the goals of communication, support, problem-solving, and cohort building.
o Procure, review, and implement training methods in classical techniques and pedagogy in line with philosophy statements.
o Observe teachers in the classroom, giving helpful feedback and annual performance reviews. Provide improvement plans when necessary.
o Assess for and ensure proper placement of students in classrooms. Oversee new student academic assessments.
o Work with teachers to identify students who are not progressing and provide support as needed, to include interventions.
o Identify instructional strategies that align with our curriculum and will strengthen at-home learning, solidifying the parent-teacher partnership.
o Plan and oversee Parent Teacher Conferences.
o Elaborate and enhance academic skill and knowledge objectives.
• Curriculum Oversight
o Refine and develop curriculum to meet the stated goals of the education philosophy documents of Knox Classical Academy.
o Evaluate the effectiveness of instruction from chosen curricula.
o Map yearly curriculum guide and choose and procure books, texts as part of annual curriculum planning.
o Consult on usefulness of a scope and sequence.

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