Administrative Pastor


Fellowship Baptist Church of Harmony Grove

Lodi, WI United States

Undershepherd of the flock of God and general overseer of this local assembly. He shall preach and teach the Word of God in the stated meetings of the church, seeking the salvation of the lost and the growth in grace of the believers. He shall lead the church in its God given task of evangelism both by teaching and by example. He shall be the moderator of the business meetings of the church. Along with the deacons, form the advisory board of the church.

Lead Sunday morning and Sunday evening services.
Lead Wednesday evening Bible study and prayer time.

Skills: Expositional preaching of the Bible. Communication. Humility. Service oriented.

Compensation: if full-time, currently about $49,000 per year for housing, auto, salary, and health insurance. If part-time, TBD.

Carl Hubbard
[email protected]