Associate Pastor of Care & Discipleship


New Castle Bible Church

MACKINAW, IL United States

The Associate Pastor for Care & Discipleship provides pastoral leadership to our prayer, care, biblical
counseling and adult discipleship ministries, and to the church at large. He will work alongside the elders,
pastors, and ministry staff as a member of the Prayer & Care and Adult Discipleship leadership teams.
As an associate pastor at New Castle Bible Church, he is an elder-qualified man serving in specific areas of
pastoral ministry. Associate pastors may serve the congregation in general or in specific roles of spiritual
equipping and oversight as determined by the elders. In addition, they are authorized by the church to perform
the duties of pastoral ministry which include: preaching and teaching in the public worship services of the
church, performing weddings and funerals, providing care and counsel to the congregation, and developing the
equipping ministries of the church. By virtue of their training, qualifications, and call to ministry, associate
pastors contribute appreciably to the insight and vision of the senior pastor, as well as represent the church at
large in the communities we serve.

As an associate pastor at New Castle Bible Church, he is not individually expected to perform all the work of this
ministry, but rather to “equip” and “build up” the church for the work of this ministry (Eph 4:11-12). The
following job description necessarily assumes a team-approach to serving this ministry. More details appear on the attached job description.

Send your resume to [email protected] More details and an application are available at

Handout: NCBC-Assoc-Pastor-of-Care-and-Discipleship-Ministry-Job-Description-12-06-21.pdf