Associate Pastor of Family Ministry


Highland Community Church

Highland, Illinois United States

Summary of Position
The Associate Pastor of Family Ministry will be an advocate for all generations within the church and will oversee the structures and atmosphere of the church to ensure that the family of God is working together to make disciples of the next generation. He is first an advocate for the young (children, youth, and early adults) because these are the people who are usually the least knowledgeable and least experienced in the Christian life. He is next an advocate for the parents of these young people because they are in the greatest position to influence the young. He is third concerned for other mature adults because they have an important role in the discipleship and mentoring of parents and young people alike.

Areas of Responsibility
The Associate Pastor of Family Ministry will oversee the discipleship systems from cradle to college and to their parents. The Pastor will work closely with the adult discipleship leaders to ensure that parents are prepared to lead their children and that young people have spiritual mentors when their parent cannot be the model.

Church-Based Ministries
• Oversee relational, engaging ministries to children and youth.
• Ensure that the curriculum used at each level of spiritual development connects to the next.
• Ensure that ministry leaders connect regularly to the homes, so parents experience a clear partnership in the discipleship of their children.
• Develop and expound a vision that leads to a focus on teaching Bible knowledge and demonstrating living Christian faith through the relational interaction between the pastor, other leaders, and the young.
• Help our youth and families to develop a heart for the lost and the ability to share their faith even at a young age.

Parent Training
• Develop and implement a plan for on-going parent training and encouragement.
• Oversee training that leads parents into a biblical study to help them understand their role and responsibilities and to lead the next generation down the path of discipleship.
• Coach parents and children privately on specific issues in their family.
Intergenerational Connections
• Encourage intergenerational gatherings to help the young and all generations to recognize how God is working in the whole family of God.
• Work with the senior pastor and other ministry teams to ensure that there are opportunities for all generations to worship, learn, and serve together.

Equipping and Encouraging Parents
• Work with ministry leaders to bridge the gap between what children and youth are learning in their programs and what adults are learning in theirs.
• Guide ministry leaders in selecting or developing a curriculum that is cohesive from birth to adulthood and that helps parents to complement the church learning with home learning.
• Develop channels of resources that allow the parents to lead in their home in such a way that corporate unity is maintained.

Other Expectations
• Work together with the Senior Pastor as a ministry team to serve the people of HCC
• Be verbally and visibly supportive of HCC’s Statement of Faith, as well as other HCC programs and ministries
• Develop strategic partnerships with like-minded Christian organizations and churches (FCA, AWANA, etc.)
• Regularly participate in Christian Education, weekly Staff meetings, and monthly Elder Board meetings
• Fill the pulpit as needed (note: regular pulpit preaching is not a primary function of this position)
Reports to:
• HCC Board of Elders with day-to-day coordination of activities with the Senior Pastor

Direct reports from:
• AWANA Commander
• Christian Education Elder
• Nursery Director
• Family Bible study leaders
• Youth Group leaders

Highland Community Church Overview
Highland Community Church (HCC) in Highland, Illinois is seeking a new Associate Pastor of Family Ministry. Our former associate pastor, who had served HCC for nearly 4 years, was called to be the new Senior Pastor of a church in our local area, and with the blessings of our Senior Pastor and Elder Board transitioned there at the end of July 2023. We would like our new associate pastor to start as soon as possible.
HCC is an independent, evangelical, non-denominational, doctrinally conservative, complementarian, debt-free church with a Biblically literate and gifted, active congregation of 170 members and regular attenders (with an average Sunday attendance of about 135). Our facility sits on a 15-acre campus with approximately 10 acres currently used as farmland. We have 2 Sunday morning services (the only difference is musical style: one contemporary, one light contemporary) and have been an AWANA church since 1983. HCC is located in a vibrant, middle class, family-oriented community of 10,000 located 30 miles northeast of St Louis and 25 miles north of Scott AFB.
We desire our new associate pastor to be a man who himself is on a lifelong walk with Jesus Christ, a devoted student of His Word, and one who is deeply committed to seeing those in his care grow and mature in Christ as well as reaching the lost with the gospel. His primary focus will be the children, youth, and parents who are involved in HCC’s Youth and Young Families ministries.
His commitment to Biblical truth must be unwavering, his shepherd’s heart moving him to be involved in the lives of these families. He will represent HCC in the community and be personally involved in youth and family ministry at HCC and outreach in Highland and our surrounding rural communities.
He will be an active partner with and under the direct supervision of our Board of Elders (HCC’s Elder Board and Committee Chairs manage administrative functions, finances, and church operations) in providing ministry to the congregation of HCC. He will be a collaborative partner with our Senior Pastor, a graduate of Moody Theological Seminary who has been serving HCC since February 2018.
At a minimum, candidates will possess a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline (e.g., Children and Family Ministry, Youth Ministry, Family Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Discipleship and Family Ministry) from a theologically conservative seminary. He will also have demonstrated experience being part of the leadership of a youth ministry (i.e., AWANA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes) or pastoring a family ministry of a church that required Bible teaching, personal engagement with the congregation, and community involvement.

Send resume and cover letter to Howard Gunning at [email protected]