Associate Pastor of Students and Outreach


Woodland Park Community Church

Woodland Park, CO

Youth Ministry:
* Build and oversee a dynamic, growing and purposeful youth ministry program, targeting both middle school and high school students.
* Youth programming guides all students to live the gospel in all life through active engagement in their faith and opportunities to put it into practice.
* Lead and coordinate intentional weekly or biweekly large group gatherings for each age group
* Coordinate vibrant small group connections for students to grow together with peer and adult leaders
* Build a Student Leader program with aim of discipling students and training them to lead others to follow Jesus.
* Engage and involve students in Sunday morning worship services and serving.
* Coordinate intentional events for the purpose of discipling students and outreach
* Recruit and train volunteers
* Work with the Family Pastor to train, involve, equip, and encourage parents as the primary disciplers of their students.
* Reach unreached families within the community with the gospel
* Maintain a visible profile both physically and virtually to build relationships with students

* Work with the pastoral staff to build a culture of invitation and outreach throughout the church
* Design and implement events focused on community outreach and involvement
* Encourage youth and families to participate in community events
* Work with Storehouse Ministries to engage with the community through service projects, outreach events and financial services.
* Provide leadership to all outreach-focused ministries to provide focus for outreach and evangelistic efforts.
* Work with Missions group to coordinate opportunities for short-term missions trips focused on practical service and evangelism.

Other Pastoral:
The Pastor of Students and Outreach will be a highly valued member of the pastoral team at WPCC. The pastors at WPCC are included in elder board meetings and are involved in the casting of vision for the church, all aspects of leadership in the congregation and in events in the church. While they are not required to attend everything, it is our desire that pastors consider the work of the church and the spiritual growth of the church body their top ministry priority.
* Work within pastoral staff to maintain a high level of excellence in church ministries
* Follow the direction and leadership of the elders and Senior Pastor to help us accomplish our mission
* Attend and participate in pastoral meetings and service planning
* Aid family pastor in building, supporting and leading the family ministry team
* Lead and direct the outreach efforts and ministries of the church
* Lead and guide other ministries as directed by the Senior Pastor as a member of the WPCC Pastoral Staff

* Biblically qualified to be an elder of a church. (Titus 1, I Timothy 3)
* Vibrant and active relationship with Jesus Christ
* Passionate about youth and families
* Spiritually and scripturally mature
* Strong communicator
* Teachable and desiring to grow
* Team player
* Passion and burden for the lost
* Must show aptitude at discipling students and parents through difficult current issues such as: racial tensions, same sex attraction, gender identity issues, political discord etc.

Other Nice-To-Have Skills and Qualities:
* Social media and tech savvy
* Entrepreneurial thinker
* Record of recruiting and leading others
* Strong leader

To apply, send a resume, cover letter (if available) and a short introductory email to [email protected] We will be reviewing resumes as they are received and will proceed with all candidates deemed suitable as they come in.

Handout: Pastor of Youth and Outreach 06022021.pdf