Associate Pastor over Music & Soul-Care


Fellowship Baptist Church

Kenosha, Wisconsin USA

Purposes: To oversee and develop the worship of God through music; to help provide and to assist the church in developing a one-another ministry of biblical soul-care.

Spiritual Gifts/Skills:
Shepherding, teaching, leading, counseling

Membership: Must be (become upon call) a member of Fellowship Baptist Church.

Qualifications/Expectations: As this is a pastoral role, he must be: 1) A man of genuine Christian faith; 2) A man of proven character (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9); 3) A man who is called of God to pastoral ministry; 4) A man of prayer and humble reliance upon God; 5) A man who is able to teach; 6) A man who is willing and able to submit to the pastor(s) and work alongside of him; 7) A man in full agreement with the Baptist Faith & Message 2000; and 8) A man who is committed to striving to make disciples. In addition to these pastoral qualifications, this role also requires him to be 9) A man with an ability to lead congregational singing from either the guitar or piano.

Accountable to: Senior Pastor: [email protected]

Time Commitment: This will begin as a part-time/bi-vocational position, expecting 20-30 hours per week of serving. Our goal, should the Lord allow, is for this position to become full time within 2 years.

Pay: $20-30,000/year.

1. To seek to make disciples who make disciples.
2. To lead singing on Sunday mornings and to help provide accompaniment.
3. In line with the church’s vision, select songs, oversee the music and development of the praise team (or choir, as he chooses), and oversee special music.
4. To communicate with those who assist in various ways in the services as necessary (for baptisms, the Lord’s Supper, assistant song leader, etc).
5. To help plan the budgets for “worship” and to represent the team at the monthly leadership team meeting.
6. To regularly meet with the pastor for prayer, review, feedback, support, and guidance.
7. To fill the pulpit in the pastor’s absence or as the pastor requests and as the associate is able/willing.
8. To visit members and attenders as able.
9. To help the Senior Pastor develop members to provide soul care through training.
10. To help provide counseling.

email: [email protected]

Or phone: 262-694-6164