Campus Minister


Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Henrico, VA United States

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is looking for a Campus Minister to serve as Champion Evangelist and Disciple to the residents and staff of the correctional facility. This person will be a recruiter, team builder that is self-motivated and demonstrates Christlike leadership and character. The Campus Minister will provide comprehensive ministry services to inmates and staff, public officials, and the community.

1. As a leader of leaders, multiply and mobilize a team of Christian volunteers from the community.
2. As a shepherd, encourage and counsel inmates, correctional officers, and other facility staff with biblical principles.
3. As a connector, work with the facility administration to ensure Chaplaincy services are meet the facility’s expectations.
4. Champion the ministry of evangelism and discipleship within the facility.
5. Oversee and develop new ministry opportunities within the facility.
6. Facilitate access and ministry of religious volunteers for all faith traditions recognized by the facility.
7. Promote the visibility and awareness of the ministry in the community.

1. Demonstrates clear articulation of the gospel.
2. Strong devotion to the Christian faith and the Word of God.
3. Passion for the lost and hurting of society.
4. A clear vision for the ministry and its goals.
5. Ability to recruit, train, motivate, and organize a team of volunteers.
6. Ability to communicate and teach biblical truths while preaching and counseling.
7. Ability to function and minister within a secular environment.

• The applicant must be in agreement with the ministry doctrinal statement.
• The applicant must meet the following educational requirements prior to starting the application process.
o A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited Bible/Christian college with a major in Bible or theology; or
o A master’s degree from a regionally accredited seminary
• The applicant must be ordained, licensed or commissioned in accordance with the requirement of their local church or denomination prior to the hire date.
• The applicant should have 40-60 hours of varied volunteer or professional experience ministering to inmates in a corrections environment prior to starting the application process.

Submit resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Handout: Chaplain Profile.pdf