Director of College Students


Treasuring Christ Church

Raleigh, NC United States

College Part-time
The Director of College serves as the primary leader of the Student Ministry (college) effectively working with the church elders to implement the overall church vision in the context of Student Ministry. This will be done in a way that will be practical and relevant to students and their families.

TCC is located in the ethnically and soci0-economically diverse context of downtown Raleigh near several middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Our Director of College will spread our overall church vision to members of our church and community. Our vision is to treasure Christ, love the church, love the city, and love the world. TCC strives to be a church where Jesus would be treasured in the hearts of the people of TCC feeding on God’s word and consistently in the desperate anticipation of prayer. That the church would genuinely live in community as family on mission. That this family of TCC would live free from jealousy and selfish ambition, talk more about evidences of God’s grace than failures, grow by the power of the Spirit in the fruit he promises to work in us, and be known as a gracious, forgiving community. This family would equip one another to be followers who understand and live humbly in their gifts for the good of others. A people who would stand together as a community of strong harmony in the midst of striking ethnic and economic diversity. A church community that lives distinct from the world for the world. A church that loves this city and would be the mercy-filled conduit of God’s love to the poor- the abandoned, lonely, and afflicted. A church that would be a visible expression of God’s power to unite the down and out with the upwardly mobile making the two cities of downtown Raleigh one in Christ. That TCC would plant and replant this vision in churches throughout this nation and to the ends of the earth.

Job purpose: The primary purpose of this position is to further TCC’s mission to make disciples for Christ of college students while supporting their families.
Job requirements:
Experience ministering to students; a college graduate.
Must treasure Christ above all and be humble. Display a high degree of emotional and Christ-centered maturity while keeping difficult situations in proper perspective and maintaining appropriate discretion with sensitive information. Strong leadership, people, and organizational skills. Must own and delight in the mission and vision at TCC. Displaying effective evangelistic skills. Gifted at teaching, understanding, influencing and serving others. The ability to select, develop, motivate and lead people while maintaining a Christ-centered work in a volunteer environment. The ability to resolve problems quickly and effectively while determining appropriate courses of action.
Special considerations:
In addition to the formal responsibilities listed below, the Director of Students at TCC is expected to uphold the TCC covenant. This includes practical demonstrations of faithfulness such as regular, healthy giving to TCC as well as intimate involvement in a community group at TCC. The Director of Students is also expected to affirm the TCC Elder Affirmation of Faith, embrace the TCC core values, and understand and delight in the TCC Vision.
Key responsibilities and accountabilities:
Minister directly to college students in the following ways (approx 10-15 hrs/wk):
Teach the Bible, TCC core values, and points of the TCC vision to students through a regular meeting that they might become disciples of Jesus who treasure Christ, love the church, love the city, and love the world.
Visit with students in their homes and on campus so that they may treasure Christ, love the church, love the city, and love the world.
Minister and counsel students through formal meetings and life-on-life opportunities that they may treasure Christ, love the church, love the city, and love the world.
Create ongoing opportunities of fellowship for students in order to build relationships and create memories so that students may treasure Christ, love the church, love the city, and love the world.
Evangelize unbelieving students, engaging them with the glory of Jesus Christ in the gospel so that they may one day treasure Christ, love the church, love the city, and love the world

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