Director of Executive Ministries


Faith Community Church

New Richmond, Wisconsin

Director of Executive Ministries
Faith Community Church
New Richmond, Wisconsin

Faith Community Church in beautiful New Richmond, Wisconsin, is looking for a qualified individual to fill our open position for a Director of Executive Ministries. The Director of Executive Ministries will serve as one of the key members of our staff, working closely with our Lead Pastor and will have primary responsibility for church finances including budgeting, staff development, and overall administrative duties.

The City of New Richmond is located in St. Croix County on the western border of Wisconsin, across the river from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. St. Croix County has been, and continues to be, the fastest growing county in the state of Wisconsin. Faith Community Church is likewise growing as well.

Faith Community Church is an evangelical church whose mission is to “Make Disciples Who Plant the Church.” We are affiliated with Converge, formerly the Baptist General Conference and Converge Worldwide, which is a national evangelical Baptist organization. Please see our website for additional information at and for more information about Converge.

This position is currently a part-time position, but there is potential that it could be expanded into a full-time position with the addition of other ministry responsibilities. Please review the attached position description and if you are interested in joining our team and email your resume and references to:

Steve Haugen
Director of Community Discipleship
Email: [email protected]

Faith Community Church
1040 Paperjack Drive
New Richmond, WI 54017

We look forward to hearing from you!

Position Description: Director, Executive Ministries

Purpose Statement:
To honor Christ in stewarding the resources he provides to His Church through leadership, orchestration, and accountability over all executive, human resourcing and fiscal matters.

Reports to:
Lead Pastor – The Director of Executive Ministries MUST be right hand man to the Lead Pastor. Well trusted and with an excellent working relationship.
25 hours/week – $30,000 to $38,000/year

Financial Responsibilities to include:
*This role will not have access to FCC assets.

• Coordinate the collection, recording, and deposit of weekly general offering.
• Pay all bills and invoices and monitor expenditures.
• Prepare all payroll checks and process monthly withholding deposits to includes State EFT and Federal EFTPS payments.
• Prepare quarterly and year-end state and federal withholding documents.
• Prepare yearly W-2 statements.
• Prepare quarterly 941 statements.
• Prepare and disseminate regular Income/Expense ledgers.
• Prepare financial reports for the Elder Council and staff.
• Collect and deposit money from book sales, fundraising events…etc.

Executive Responsibilities to include:
• Oversees administrative responsibilities
• Oversees all security and database access to FCC systems.
• Oversee the development and maintenance of the annual budget.
• Establishes goals, and key results areas with the staff.
• Aids Lead Pastor in coordinating regular performance reviews of all employees.
• Coordinates the hiring process of all professional staff positions.
• Serves as “Administrative Assistant” to the Elder Council and coordinates meetings.
• Administration duties: organizes regular communication, correspondence, and “business” with outside entities.
• Shepherd, lead, communicate, bless, encourage, staff as needed
• FCC Sonshine Daycare contact
• Other shepherding and executive responsibilities as they arise.

Nature Of Ministry:
Each team member Faith Community Church can be guaranteed of 4 things:

God’s Word Centered on Jesus Christ
An instance on the Scripture with Jesus as the center: The Word of God is what the Spirit of God uses to conform us to the image of the Son of God. This is why we exist: to make disciples of Jesus the King and not ourselves. The Word of God will not be used as our casual reference for preferences. It is expected that everything you do will be from through and rooted in the Christ-centered understanding of the Word of God.

Authentic Jesus-centered relationships: Relationship is the means by which God uses His word to shape and refine us and it is through the encouragement, correction and equipping within Gospel-centered relationship that a ministry team must function. To work at FCC is to commit yourself to gospel-centered relationships within the staff. Transparency, authenticity, and accountability are expectations for everyone. And participation is not an option.

Silos in ministry are not allowed: While clear lanes of demarcation are essential and each team member must have both the responsibility and authority to accomplish what they must, they can count on the rest of the staff to, under their direction, help them to make disciples and accomplish the mission.

Change is necessary: If we want to reach a changing culture we have to be willing to change. Flexibility and teachability are essential ingredients to reaching the World with the never-changing Gospel of Jesus.

We will be held accountable. Our thoughts, words, deeds, and execution of ministry (excellence) will reflect on Christ and His church. It is how we show we take the gospel and Christ’s Lordship in our lives seriously. To be accountable for and to hold others accountable in love is every team member’s privilege. Gossip will never be tolerated.