Director of Student Ministries +


Cornerstone Church

Hemet, CA USA

INTRODUCTION: Cornerstone Church of Hemet, CA ( is seeking a qualified male candidate to join our staff as either a full-time (40-50/hrs.) or part-time (20-25 hrs.) employee tasked with leading and growing our middle and high school ministries. Applicants must align with our doctrinal position (, core values, and mission statement: “As a church family, we love and lead all people toward true transformation in our risen Savior, Jesus Christ.” Further, he will be passionate about gospel centrality, disciple-making and shepherding students to love and serve Jesus Christ, with a view toward equipping them to change the world.

STUDENT MINISTRY RESPONSIBILITIES (Primary Role- both full and part-time):
– Development of a comprehensive and intentional ministry plan that engages and moves 6th -12th grade students from where they are toward commitment to Christ and followership of Christ.
– Serves as the spiritual leader, primary shepherd, and lead Bible teacher for the youth.
– Develops teaching plans which help students understand books of the Bible, the broad themes of scripture, and practical Christian living as a student in a corrupted culture.
– With a shepherd’s heart, provides biblical counsel and crisis intervention as needed in accordance with church policies and procedures. Coordinates shepherding care with the Family Ministries pastor.
– Is an inspiring model of spiritual commitment and devotion, calling students to emulate his life.
– Recognizes and honors the primary role of parents in the spiritual formation of students and seek to build cooperative relationships with them in and outside the church.
– Plans and executes regular activities which build connectivity and group identity.
– Recruits and equips a core adult volunteer staff who can assist programmatically and pour into student’s lives as disciplers.
– Identifies and mentors student leaders to grow deeper in their walk with God and ministry competency.
– Provides opportunities for students expand their worldview and serve others using their gifts (mission & ministry projects).
– Fans a flame in the hearts of students for their lost friends and equips them to reach their peers.
– Oversight of all communication and media related Student Ministries (messaging, chat boards, e-newsletters, graphics, etc.).
– Develops a culture of prayer within this ministry -both for students and by students.
– Champions this ministry before the congregation so they are actively supporting and praying.
– Coordination with other staff for larger church initiatives and events.
– Pursues academic or professional development to grow in his ministry skill set

ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES (Secondary Role- only for full time):
For those seeking full-time employment, they will be tasked with responsibilities in at least one other major area. This area would be coupled with the interests, gifts and particular experience of the candidate as well as the present needs of the church. Possibilities for this could include the following:
o Discipleship / Assimilation
o Major Event Planning & Coordination
o Sports Ministry
o Intern / Residency Program
o Digital Technologies, Website Design, and Marketing
o Graphic Arts, Photography, Communications and Social Media

– Preaching or leadership in morning worship services as assigned.
– Baptisms, weddings, and memorial services as assigned (full-time only).

– Some formal theological / biblical education. High view of scripture.
– Teaching gifts which help student understand and apply the Word of God to their lives.
– Connects well with youth and understands the influences/influencers of youth culture- particularly in Southern California.
– A “team-player” who will coordinate and collaborate effectively with others and fit well in our current staff culture.
– Carries out all responsibilities in spirit of encouragement and redemptiveness (grace).
– Has integrity in his personal life and has a pattern of making godly choices.
– Has a driver’s license.
– Able to pass a criminal background check.

– Four-year degree from an accredited and like-minded Christian University or Bible College.
– Musically gifted or other creative talents.
– Previous successful church ministry experience
– Married with a supportive spouse who also loves youth and/or children.
– Desires mentoring by the Lead Pastor with interest in this role down the road.
– A desire to invest at least the next 5-10 years of his life working with students.

COMPENSATION: A competitive salary (full-time exempt) or hourly wage (part-time nonexempt) is offered commensurate with education and experience. It will set by the finance committee and approved each year by the elders. Other benefits are listed in the Personnel Policy Handbook.

SUPERVISORY OVERSIGHT: Direct: Senior Pastor; Indirect: Board of Elders

TO APPLY: Send cover letter, resume and reference list to [email protected]