Family Ministries Pastor


First Baptist Church of Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay, WI USA

An Overview
1. The Family Ministries Pastor will supervise and oversee many and varied Christian Education ministries of the church, especially those dealing with infants through high school age youth and their families. It is expected that the Family Ministries Pastor will develop and lead ministers from within the congregation to use their gifts, talents, and energy to carry out the ministries.
These ministries may include, and are not limited to:
Children’s Church
Youth Groups
Vacation Bible School
Sunday School
Children’s Club Programs
Children’s and/or Youth Musical/Drama Programs
Mission Teams/Outreach Opportunities
Family Christian Education Opportunities
Summer Camp/Weekend Retreat Ministries

2. The Pastor will be a member of and work closely with the Education Committee and will serve ex officio (with voice and vote) on each of the Education Committee’s task forces, subcommittees and/or ministry teams created by the Education Committee to carry out their work.

3. The Pastor will engage in other general pastoral responsibilities, especially related to the areas of children and youth and helping strengthen families in faith and discipleship.

4. The Pastor will subscribe without reservation to the church’s Statement of Faith and Church Covenant and will be in full agreement with Article 4 of the Church Constitution, which deals with church membership. In addition, he will embrace the church’s philosophy of ministry and values guiding our church’s leadership. Furthermore, he must agree to abide by the Converge (formerly known as Baptist General Conference) Code of Ministerial Ethics and shall also consider First Baptist Church the proper and legitimate caretaker of his ministerial credentials, including licensure and ordination.

5. The Pastor must be willing to consider a long-term commitment to First Baptist Church of Sturgeon Bay. While a “guarantee” is not required, the expectation is that a long-term relationship is in view – perhaps at least five years.

1. To enable maximum use of personal gifts and abilities for the good of the body of believers and to the glory of God, First Baptist Church will seek to meet the financial needs and obligations of the Pastor with a fair and reasonable salary and benefits package. The compensation package will give consideration not only to salary and housing allowance, but also health insurance, retirement, time off (including vacation), and personal growth and development. In addition, the church shall provide proper reimbursement for ministerial expenses, including mileage, personal professional expenses, and denominational participation.

2. The Pastor and the Church Board must exercise honesty and ethical integrity in dealing with the various issues of compensation. The Church Board will review and update specifics of the compensation package annually.

A Description
First Baptist Church of Sturgeon Bay is a congregation of about 175 people, more or less, in a city of about 10,000 in Door County, Wisconsin, which is a quite nice place to live and work. Since there is a growing need in our church and community for effective ministries for children and youth, we are looking for the right guy to work with lots of different educational and family ministries. This pastor will really want to work with such ministries and not simply be looking for a job in a very fine church in a wonderful vacationland. He won’t officially be called the “youth pastor” but won’t mind if others call him that. He wants to see children and teenagers have a genuine relationship with Christ and healthy relationships with God’s people, and will strive to strengthen families in faith and discipleship. He will work directly with children and youth, teaching and counseling and visiting and going to games and concerts and lunchrooms and workplaces. He will also develop and oversee ministry teams made up of gifted and committed adults whom he will train and equip to carry out ministries in the church and the community because he knows there’s no way he can do it all himself and that would not be the best way to do it anyway.

This man takes seriously his relationship with Jesus Christ and his growth as a disciple; he embraces the sovereignty of God and loves the doctrines of grace; he knows the Bible and is working to know it better and teach it well; he’s working to make prayer and the Bible always more central to who he is; he might not be a “Baptist” in background but would gladly become one – by conviction and not by convenience (because he “has to” in order to get the job); he understands and endorses historic Baptist convictions and perspectives; he likes all sorts of people and he won’t quit easily on a friendship.

This guy appreciates working cooperatively with a senior pastor and understands it is crucial to have a healthy relationship with “the boss” – for the good of everybody involved. He will do everything he can to get along appropriately with both the senior pastor and other church leaders.

Finally, he figures working with children and youth and educational programs “from crib to commencement” is a worthy pursuit and worth effort, expense, and time. He looks at “the job” with First Baptist Church as a fine ministry destination and not just a stepping-stone to something bigger, better, or elsewhere.

Interested persons should complete an application packet; the application form is available online at FBC’s website:

For more information, feel free to contact
Pastor Cory Dahl
First Baptist Church
610 N. 5TH Avenue
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

e-mail [email protected]

Handout: Ministry Position Description Family Ministries Pastor — Sept 2021.pdf