Full Time Pastor – Parsonage Provided


Beacon Falls Congregational Church

Beacon Falls, Connecticut

The Beacon Falls Congregational Church is seeking a Christ-centered, Bible-believing and Godly Pastor to love and lead our small New England congregation.

Our ideal candidate will:

*Hold to grace-oriented, sound doctrine – have a passion to proclaim and teach God’s truths in all possible ways (pulpit ministry, education ministries, outreach ministries, etc.) to all possible people.

*Possess a clear calling from God to pastoral ministry – confirmed by both natural and supernatural experiences.

*Have a heartfelt commitment to prayer – seeking to further develop both individual & corporate comprehensive prayer initiatives with our congregation.

*Lead a godly lifestyle above reproach – living for God’s glory in both your family life and your pastoral life. Exemplify: humbleness, self-control, prudence, dignity, hospitality, gentleness, spiritual maturity and integrity. Must love God and people. We don’t expect perfection, but we do look for a simple, straightforward and honest lifestyle as called for in Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Tim 3:1-7. Hold a firm commitment to your own personal holiness.

*Be able to teach – trained and skilled in the art of communication. We are sheep who need to be fed! We need God’s Word to be faithfully taught to us, helping us connect the scriptures to our daily lives. Instill and ignite in us a love of the Bible. Hold a sincere desire to increase the scriptural knowledge and understanding of our congregation through a variety of means.

*Have a proven competency in both Systematic Discipleship and Leadership Development strategies.

*Be skilled in planning and leading a “blended style” (appealing to both traditional and contemporary tastes) of worship. Be able to successfully balance both rich scriptural truth and fresh vibrancy in our weekly Lord’s Day worship services. Seek to capitalize on evangelistic opportunities at other services (weddings, funerals, baptisms, holidays, etc.)

*Hold a heart for reaching the unchurched in our community for Jesus Christ, especially younger families. Model personal evangelism.

*Be compassionate to the sick and troubled – visiting and counseling as needed.

*Joyfully participate in both ministry and social events, because of your love for people. Be able to effectively oversee and advise our Community Outreach Ministry Team. Willingly engage with community groups (i.e. the volunteer fire/ambulance dept., local veterans groups, scouting groups, local school events, sporting events, etc.)

*Possess enthusiasm and aptitude for youth ministry – bringing fresh ideas for youth engagement.

*Hold a solid understanding of God’s perfect plan of good stewardship over all areas of our lives, with a willingness to instruct us on our responsibilities.

*Be blessed with a spirit of perseverance and diplomacy in developing an atmosphere of positive (or God-inspired) change throughout our entire ministry.

Please visit http://beaconfallscongregational.org/site/pastoral-search/ to download our profiles and apply. THANK YOU!