Lead Pastor – Wausau Campus


Downtown Mission Church

Wausau, WI USA

Downtown Mission Church (DMC) is a gospel-centered, multi-site church in north-central Wisconsin. Our Wausau location, which is the location the lead pastor will be shepherding, was planted less than 10 years ago, while our Stevens Point location was planted in 2016 and our Merrill location was planted in 2019. We currently employ campus pastors for all three locations, along with a part-time administrative assistant and a part-time technical director. The search team will be accepting applications through January of 2021 and will be contacting individuals whom we would like to follow up with for further information and to continue the search process.

The mission of DMC is growing disciple-making, gospel-centered communities by the power of God, for the glory of God. We are affiliated with the Converge Great Lakes regional association of churches and are part of the Gospel Coalition network of churches. We have a Reformed soteriology, practice believer’s baptism, hold to a complementarian understanding of gender roles in the life of the church and home, and are led by a plurality of elders affirmed by the congregation. As a church, we deeply value a commitment to teaching Scripture boldly as truth, while maintaining a culturally engaging approach toward our community. We place a significant value on the ministry of preaching, reflected in the preaching ministries among all three locations, along with an established history of streaming our sermons from Wausau on Sunday mornings on YouTube and Facebook. Between the three locations, we have typically seen a weekly attendance (pre-COVID) of around 300 people.

Our locations cut across three very different communities. Wausau is the largest of the three and the hub of the north central Wisconsin micropolitan area. Marathon County, of which Wausau is the county seat, is home to roughly 135,000 people. The community is a well-balanced mixture of white/blue collar, manufacturing/professional, and an evenly distributed age/family demographic. Portage County, of which Stevens Point is the county seat, is home to roughly 70,000 people. The community is marked by the presence of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, which draws an average annual enrollment of 8,000 students. The economy is diversified among white collar professional and blue collar manufacturing, as well as the influence of the university. Lincoln County, of which Merrill is the county seat, is home to roughly 29,000 people. The community is largely blue collar and has a higher distribution of rural residents. The populations in all three communities are generally stable and do not have a significant percentage of part-time residents. Those who live in the area regard north central Wisconsin as “home.” The culture is typical of the upper Midwest, small city environment, with a “work hard, play hard” ethos. The percentage of evangelical believers in the area is relatively small compared to other places in the United States, with a large percentage of those in our area having a spiritual background in Roman Catholicism, mainline Protestantism, or simply secular/unaffiliated. We see our community as a vastly under-reached mission field and are eager to see the area engaged with the gospel of Christ.


Teaching / Preaching:
Study, prepare, and preach gospel-centered, doctrinally rich, passionate, expositional sermons about 40-45 weeks/year. Primarily preach from Wausau location but occasionally at other locations.
Guard the doctrine of the church and be on guard against dangerous and erroneous teachings.
Through preaching, admonish the church to be one body that is passionate about truth and devoted to Christ and one another in love.
Be in regular prayer and petition for wisdom and direction in the leadership of DMC.
Be in regular prayer for all DMC staff and elders.
Be in regular prayer for those we are hoping to reach with the Gospel.
Incorporate an intentional time of prayer in all DMC staff meetings.

Leadership / Administration:
Along with the campus pastors, challenge and encourage elders in their shepherding ministry of members in their care.
Take the primary lead in scheduling, providing leadership, encouragement, support and accountability among the DMC staff members through regular staff meetings.
Schedule individual meetings with staff members and elders for the purpose of individual discipleship (Campus Pastors – once a week minimum, Wausau Elders & Other Staff – once a month minimum).
Field, review, and follow up with monthly reports submitted by staff members (complete monthly report individually for review by the elders).

Lead Shepherd of DMC – Wausau:
Provide biblical based counseling/encouragement/exhortations to individuals and families.
Personally disciple some of those within DMC Wausau who are leaders or who have leadership potential.
Pursue those who visit the church (meetings, calls, etc. for exhortation, biblical counseling, shepherding, etc.)
With the support of the elders and administrative assistant, oversee, lead and equip the deacons in their ministry tasks.
Oversee and officiate when appropriate: weddings, funerals, and special events.
Work with Wausau elders to address the unique shepherding needs of Wausau members.

If, after reviewing this information packet, you are interested in applying, please fill out the initial application available online at https://downtownmission.churchcenter.com/people/forms/183330.

Handout: Downtown Mission Church Lead Pastor Information Packet (2).pdf