Missionary – Church Planting Team Member



Casa Grande, AZ

Live Love Ministries is prayerfully seeking someone to fill the role of Church Planting Team Member. This role will prove crucial in helping Live Love Ministries carry out the mission and purpose for which it exists. The vision of Live Love Ministries is to have a consistent gospel presence in each community in which God allows us to serve. Fulfilling this vision includes planting churches, starting bible studies, discipling indigenous believers, etc. in these communities. This job will require you to raise your own financial support through the North American Mission Board.

Job Requirements and Duties
– Will shadow and be mentored by current team members for one year, learning and forming relationships in different communities
– After the first year, this team member will have 1-2 communities that will become their primary focus. They will plan outreach events, meet needs in the community, and find unique ways to share the gospel within the cultural context
– Discipling believers in assigned community
– Starting a church or consistent bible study in assigned community/communities with the ultimate goal of having a healthy church that can eventually be handed off to a Native man within the church to become the pastor.
– Assisting Live Love Ministries with the overall mission by being involved in other

– A follower of Jesus as evidenced by a commitment to making disciples
– Has displayed an active commitment to their local church
– Believes in and supports the mission and purpose of Live Love Ministries
– Patient and understands that missions within a cross-cultural context is a long-term commitment
– Can work well within team settings
– Has a clear call to cross-cultural missions
– Is a continual learner, is teachable, humble, and hospitable

*Anyone who seeks a position with Live Love Ministries is required to:
– Complete a background check
– Be approved as a Church Planting Team Member by the North American Mission Board
– Be interviewed and approved by the board of directors for Live Love Ministries

Contact Information: To apply: Please fill out the initial interest form and email ([email protected]) your
resume, a written copy of your testimony, a written document explaining a time you shared the
gospel with someone, and three references, one being a pastor of your local church.

Handout: Missionary – Church Planting Team Member.pdf