Part Time Music Director


Oneida Gospel C/hurch

Grand Ledge, MI

Oneida is a church with a history of excellent worship. We have gifted singers and musicians who can’t wait to partner with a new Music Director. By God’s grace, our Music Director will lead us in our next steps toward encountering Christ through intentional musical worship.

Hours per week: 5 – 10.
Range of Pay: $15-$25 per hour

Purpose: The Music Director will advance the mission of OGC by ordering corporate worship elements in order to glorify Christ and edify his people. Such a worship service will be…
Thoughtful, not shallow
Beautiful, not cobbled together
Christ-centered, not human-centered
Grounded in gospel and word, not culture
Prayer-filled, not humanly engineered
Participatory, not entertaining
Varied, not formulaic
Connected to the historic church

See Attachment for Full Job Description

Please submit a Resume to Bonnie at [email protected]

Handout: Music Director OGC.pdf