Pastor/Director of Student Ministries


GracePoint Church

Lodi, CA USA


To serve GracePoint Church by providing leadership and oversight of high school and middle school ministries and coordination with the young adult ministries.

A Bachelor’s degree from a Bible College, or an equivalent degree and experience in pastoral ministry required. Seminary degree preferred. Specific experience in teaching, student ministry and pastoral leadership desired.

1. Meets the qualifications of elders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:6-9, or deacons in 1 Timothy 3:8-13, depending on final role determined by the elders.
2. In agreement with the faith, doctrine, and practice of GracePoint Church as outlined in our Statement of Faith and Church Covenant.
3. Spiritual giftedness in the areas of teaching and leadership.
4. Demonstrates a growing relationship and sincere profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior & Lord.
5. Demonstrate effectiveness in personal witness and in the implementation of an effective youth ministry.
6. Demonstrate an effectiveness as a disciple maker to the leadership core of the youth ministry.

1. Time for personal study and prayer aimed at continuing one’s own personal growth and equipping for ministry.
2. Participation in staff meetings and retreats.
3. Closely uphold and adhere to all policies related to employment and the safety of students.
4. Attendance at regularly scheduled services of the church and participating in the leadership roles assigned for that function.
5. Participation in student or leadership conferences for personal enrichment.
6. Assisting other pastoral staff as time permits and as one’s gifts allow.

1. Responsible to the Lead Pastor.
2. Works closely with all pastors, directors, and support staff.
3. Responsible for all volunteer or paid staff involved in high school and middle school ministries.


1. Student Discipleship: Build disciples who are committed to Jesus Christ, to the church, and to the work of Christ in the world.
a. Providing teaching and discipleship of students, grounded in the scriptures and committed to the gospel, that builds a Christian worldview and develops Christian values and lifestyle.
b. Learning to understand the current culture of students and guiding them to live under God’s Word in our culture.
c. Engaging with students on school campuses as permitted in the area.
d. Leading or participating in youth outreach or mission-oriented opportunities.
e. Building appropriate relationships with students to lead them to faith and connect them to the body of Christ.

2. Team Leadership: Recruit, equip, and supervise paid and volunteer adult and student leaders for the work of ministry.
a. Providing opportunities for their spiritual growth and the identification/development of their spiritual gifts.
b. Guiding the leaders to make appropriate and meaningful connections with the students.
c. Being responsive to their questions regarding Biblical truth and student discipleship.
d. Providing helpful tools and resources to aid their leadership.
e. Encouraging them to attend training opportunities for spiritual growth and development.

3. Parent Engagement: Connect and engage with parents of students to build relationships with the whole family.
a. Building open and honest communication between parents, teens, and ministry leaders.
b. Clearly communicating the student ministry philosophy, teaching series, goals, and coming activities frequently through regular meetings or electronic communication.
c. Being available to parents of students for personal consultations.
d. Providing opportunities for training in parent/teen relationships.
e. Encouraging parents’ engagement in their participation in the life of the church.

Salary will be commensurate with other members of the pastoral/director staff in the range of $70,000-$75,000 annually. This will also come with a comprehensive and competitive benefits package. Any annual salary increase will be approved by the Elder Board. Vacation, insurance coverages, retirement, and other benefits are listed in the GracePoint Church Staff Policy and Procedure Manual.

Please send a cover letter and CV/Resume to [email protected]

Handout: Pastor or Director of Student Ministries.pdf