Youth Pastor


Creekside Church

Urbandale, IA USA

The Creekside Pastor/ Director of Youth Ministry (Youth Pastor) will be responsible for fostering an environment of discipleship, fellowship, and outreach among 6-12th grade students at Creekside Church.

This individual should be able to build and mentor a team of volunteers to fulfill the mission of the ministry – leading youth to a devoted relationship with Jesus Christ. In alignment with the elders’ vision, the Youth Pastor would provide leadership of the Middle and High School Youth Groups, and youth missions development. He would be directly involved in a bible-centered teaching and mentoring role among high school-aged youth

The Youth Pastor will meet regularly with, and report to the staff Pastor-Elder to coordinate ministry areas with all other ministry activities and visions.


– Must exhibit a personal and growing relationship with Jesus, a teachable spirit, and otherwise exhibit qualities of church leaders given in Titus 1, 1 Timothy 3, and 1 Peter 5.
– In accordance with the criteria set forth for church leadership, and in consideration that this individual will be teaching both young men and women (1 Timothy 2), we would like a man to serve in this role.
– Must exhibit evidence of a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ through spiritual disciplines, i.e., prayer, Bible study, etc.
– Above all else, this person will be a Spirit-led follower of Jesus Christ with a passion for youth and a clear calling to our church.
– Agreement with Creekside Church doctrine, vision, and philosophy of ministry.
– Must share Creekside’s vision of membership and willingness to join our body.
– A love for young people and an ability to communicate effectively with youth and parents.
– The ability to interact as a mature team member in the structure of our church.
– The minimum education requirement for this position is a B.A. with at least 20 semester hours of Christian training.

Time/Financial Commitments:
This position is designed to be full time, using a guideline of 40 hours per week. Due to the nature of the expectations and duties outlined, some time should be set aside during each week for regular office hours at the church, but many of the hours will also take place during weekends and evenings. The successful candidate will balance the scheduling of those activities as necessary.
In order to maintain proper work-life balance, at least one day of the week should be set aside as a regular day off.

The Youth Pastor will take an active part in the primary Sunday morning worship service and Wednesday evening teaching of students.
Approximately 30% of the time will be given to teaching and program preparation, 30% to executing the teaching and programs, 30% to personal interaction with students and parents, and 10% to miscellaneous tasks. Personal interactions will include both churched and unchurched, saved and unsaved students.

The full-time salary is commensurate with experience and education

Basic Job Duties:
Direct involvement in:
High School Youth Group – fostering discipleship, outreach, and fellowship through weekly meetings
Plan strategic experiences to be relevant and engaging for youth
Design and promote core education
Develop and mentor teen leaders
Youth Evangelism and Missions Opportunities – identifying, planning, and leading opportunities for youth to be involved in spreading the gospel locally and globally.
Engage with parents/guardians to stay connected with Creekside and their children’s activities.
Facilitate effective meetings to work with church leaders
Partner with community organizations, especially schools, for greater youth experiences

Ensure cohesiveness, consistency, and oversight for all aspects of the Youth Ministry, including:
Middle School Youth Group
High School Youth Group
Youth Evangelism and Missions Opportunities (including establishing these)
Youth Camp Opportunities
Identifying Word-based, age-appropriate curriculum with a “continuum of spiritual development” mindset and an eye to developing young disciples of Jesus

Contact Information: Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected]