Pastor Editor


Servants of Grace

Palmdale, CA

Servants of Grace is looking for a seasoned pastor to help develop content geared towards fellow pastors. The Pastor should have a deep love for the Word of God, be committed to Reformed theology, the local church, and who has a love for the Lord and people to help build a community of pastor writers at Servants of Grace.

Description of Servants of Grace:
Servants of Grace is a multi-media ministry that exists to help people know the God of the Bible and to equip God’s people to grow in and serve God’s grace in the local church and beyond.

Theological Commitments:
You must hold to one of the Reformed confessions and the Danvers and Nashville Statements of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and be a member in good standing in a local church or pursuing membership. You must have experience as a Pastor and a good understanding of what pastors are going through in pastoral ministry. Additionally, you must have a Bible college or seminary degree as you will work with other pastors who have Bible college and seminary degrees.

This is a volunteer position with the opportunity to grow with an established ministry with the opportunity to write, edit articles, and possibly start a pastor’s podcast. This position is remote, so you can work from home.

• Edit pastor’s articles that are sent in and coordinate with editors at other publications geared towards pastors to build relationships.
• Find new pastors to write for us that hold to our broadly Reformed and complementarian theology to write on Servants of Grace.
• Help come up with monthly or quarterly series geared towards pastors or other site-wide series and then execute those ideas in coordination with the Executive Director.
• Be the primary contact person for Pastor writers on Servants of Grace and then edit their articles with final approval and edits for the article coming from the Executive Director.
• Be an encouragement and prayer support for the pastors who write for you by focusing more on loving people than the content they produce for you.

Inquiries, personal information, questions, and resume should be submitted by email to: [email protected]