Pastor of Community Discipleship


Faith Community Church

New Richmond, Wisconsin


Faith Community Church believes that discipleship most effectively occurs in relational communities, wrapped in the Word of God with an intentional leader and a reproducible model. We are looking for an experienced team member able to lead us through the next phase of our small group discipleship strategy and impact our community for Jesus’ fame.

The Pastor/Director of Community Discipleship is committed to develop, lead, and oversee the people and systems that ensure people are connected in recognized FCC communities and moving towards spiritual maturity in Christ Jesus.

Reports to: Lead Pastor


The Pastor/Director of Community Discipleship demonstrates these characteristics:
• Has a personal intentional pursuit of Jesus
• Has a personal intentional pursuit of his family
• Has a personal intentional pursuit of others for discipleship in his personal life
• Is a team player, is personable, and has a servant’s heart
• A contagious passion for developing disciples through intentional communities
• Fulfills the requirements of FCC covenant members as outlined in the membership covenant
• Fulfills the character qualifications of an Elder in 1 Tim 3
• Theologically and philosophically aligned with FCC leadership
• Continual development in the form of personal reading and outside training
• Faithful in marriage and family as applicable per Eph. 5
• Theological training (This is a wide swath of influences, formal education preferred but not required)
• Experience in leading groups, preaching/teaching, recruiting, inspiring, and coaching leaders.
• Excellence in writing quality, relevant group discussion questions from a weekly sermon
• Ability to adapt past training and experience into FCC culture and needs
• Is able to adjust to changing job roles
• Professional level skills and experience in system organization
• Proven success in time management, prioritization, and execution.
• Proven track record for leading, loving and engaging people


• Strategize with Lead Pastor and FCC Leaders to implement three-year discipleship trajectory for Intentional discipleship.
• Develop weekly sermon-based small group discussion and study questions
• Produce regular leader resources
• Develop and maintain an accurate website presence/description of active groups and those with openings
• Create and initiate 2 effective small group on-ramps throughout the year
• Research/approve any outside curriculum used in FCC small groups
• Establish and maintain quality control of Small Group experiences and training
• Develop and implement a plan to monitor Small Group attendance, health, and missional focus
• Work strategically with hospitality and mission initiatives to welcome, assimilate and send those new to FCC.
• Takes ownership of inviting new people to serve on a regular (weekly) basis – and then teaching other volunteers how to do the same
• Committed to thanking and celebrating volunteers and wins on a regular basis
• Intentional in pursuing relationships


• Small Groups will become an obvious and understood “next step” connection point for new attenders of Faith Community.
• Small Group leaders are recruited, trained, and inspired to evaluate the spiritual maturity of group members and teach them the disciplines of a mature follower of Jesus over a three-year period
• We will have a clear and effective Small Group assimilation process communicated on-line and at gatherings.
• Quality and creative sermon-based Small Group curriculum (written and video) are created and delivered weekly to community group leaders.
•Additional SG leadership training modules are created, captured, and catalogued in an online resource library
• We will witness a 50% of our weekly adult attendance participating in Small Groups within 18 months and an overall participation of 70% of adult attendance in recognized Small Groups
• Effective systems to monitor group attendance, health, wins and challenges are developed and maintained.

WORK WEEK AND SUPPORT +40hrs/week, $51–74K a year

TO APPLY: Interested candidates should send their cover letter, resume, references, philosophy of discipleship and an audio or video link of recent sermons or teachings to Steve Haugen at: [email protected]

Nature of Ministry:
Each team member Faith Community Church can be guaranteed of 4 things:

God’s Word Centered on Jesus Christ
An instance on the Scripture with Jesus as the center: The Word of God is what the Spirit of God uses to conform us to the image of the Son of God. This is why we exist: to make disciples of Jesus the King and not ourselves. The Word of God will not be used as our casual reference for preferences. It is expected that everything you do will be from through and rooted in the Christ-centered understanding of the Word of God.

Authentic Jesus-centered relationships: Relationship is the means by which God uses His word to shape and refine us and it is through the encouragement, correction and equipping within Gospel-centered relationship that a ministry team must function. To work at FCC is to commit yourself to gospel-centered relationships within the staff. Transparency, authenticity, and accountability are expectations for everyone. And participation is not an option.

Silos in ministry are not allowed: While clear lanes of demarcation are essential and each team member must have both the responsibility and authority to accomplish what they must, they can count on the rest of the staff to, under their direction, help them to make disciples and accomplish the mission.

Change is necessary: If we want to reach a changing culture we have to be willing to change. Flexibility and teachability are essential ingredients to reaching the World with the never-changing Gospel of Jesus.

We will be held accountable. Our thoughts, words, deeds, and execution of ministry (excellence) will reflect on Christ and His church. It is how we show we take the gospel and Christ’s Lordship in our lives seriously. To be accountable for and to hold others accountable in love is every team member’s privilege. Gossip will never be tolerated.

We are excited to see how God is going to move and who He is going to send to us to fill this important position in our ministry. If you believe you have the necessary gifting and skills to lead our Community Discipleship ministry and are interested in joining our team, email your cover letter, resume, references, philosophy of discipleship and an audio or video link of recent sermons or teachings to Steve Haugen at the email address below:

Steve Haugen
Director of Community Discipleship
Email: [email protected]

Faith Community Church
1040 Paperjack Drive
New Richmond, WI 54017

We look forward to hearing from you!