Pastoral Assistant / Youth Ministry


Trinity Baptist Church of Franklin

Franklin, TN USA

Trinity Baptist Church is a growing congregation which is increasingly needing help in
discipleship, youth, and teaching. We are looking to hire a full-time staff position. The
candidate would be developed in order to take on more pastoral leadership within the church
over time.
Job Description
The staff member would work Tuesday-Friday in addition to serving on Sunday. They would
be responsible for the following areas:
• General discipleship opportunities within the church
• Youth Ministry (Leading volunteers, planning, teaching, etc.)
• Teaching & Preaching opportunities in alignment with gifting and interest
• Occasional administrative tasks.
• $50,000 per year +/-
• Annual raises to reflect experience, inflation, and changes in role.
• Three weeks of vacation
1. A Love for Jesus and His Church
We desire someone who is growing in their love for Jesus and has a track record of
faithfulness to the local church. The candidate should have a desire for pastoral
ministry within the church.
2. Relationally-Driven
The candidate should have a love for people and an ability to have meaningful
connections with people.
3. Humility
The candidate must have a willingness to develop and learn under existing leadership.
4. Work Ethic
The candidate should be self-driven, punctual, and able to work on everything from
menial tasks to leading large projects.
5. Theological Competency
The candidate must have a firm grasp and acceptance of the gospel, the centrality of
Christ, the importance of worship and the local church, etc.
6. Teaching Ability
The candidate should have the ability for preaching in large groups and
teaching/facilitating conversation in smaller groups.
7. Administration Skill
The candidate should be detail-oriented and have skill in written communication.

If you have further questions or if you are interested in being considered for the position, please
email [email protected]

Handout: Trinity_Pastoral Assitant_ Youth Ministry.pdf