Resident Assistant – Youth Ministry


Hope Farm School

Pepin, WI United States


This position is for an energetic young man who loves the Lord, and loves discipling middle school age boys.  He will assist in the teaching and guiding of inner city minority boys, all in the context of a farm school.  

Most of the students will be 2-4 years behind academically, and have all but given up hope.  Because of their home environment, it is unlikely there will be any change or future for them in their current situation.  Most are fatherless, and are emotionally uncertain about their place in life.  They need a radical new learning environment, anchored with the love of God.

Hope Farm School is a residential farm school, where boys will learn through individualized instruction, farm work, and observing the lives of Godly men and women who are their teachers and role models.  This Resident Director will live on the farm with the students.


This young man must be a devoted follower of Jesus, able to build relationships with middle school boys. 

They must be able to teach, and although a teaching degree is not required, they should be a recent college graduate.

It is preferable that they have an interest and ability in sports.


This is a full time paid position, including room and board.

Start Date

The position starts February, 2021.

Contact Information

Please send resume to Jeff Bird: [email protected] or call 612-710-2868