Senior/Solo Pastor


Onawa Evangelical Free Church

Onawa, IA



a. He must have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, call to the ministry, and meet the scriptural qualifications for a pastor as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

b. He must be in full agreement with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)
Statement of Faith and Onawa Evangelical Free Church Constitution and Bylaws.

c. He must be credentialed, preferably by the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) or be willing to be credentialed by the same.

d. He must be a man of established Christian character, being sound in faith and doctrine.

e. He should be an effective communicator and have a proven ability to teach and preach the whole counsel of the Word of God, both from the pulpit and in a classroom setting.

f. He should exhibit strength in the following ministry areas:
– Discipleship / Evangelism
– Vision Casting / Implementation
– Leadership Development / Administration

g. He should have supporting skills in Congregational Care and Counseling.

h. Adequate skills and education for the position.

a. He shall give priority to prayer and ministry of the Word in accordance with Acts 6:4.

b. He is expected to preach during all scheduled services with the exception of vacation weeks, when guest preachers are scheduled, or when arrangements are made for lay members to preach.

c. He shall work with the worship team to give oversight and direction to all worship services.

d. With respect to the ordinances of baptism and communion, he shall conduct these himself, or, in the event he is unable to do so, he will ensure that a qualified officiant does so in his place.

e. With respect to weddings, funerals, and parent-child dedications, he shall conduct these himself, or, in the event he is unable to do so, he will ensure that a qualified officiant does so in his place. The pastor shall have the right to grant or refuse according to his conscience and church policy.

f. He shall be involved in strategic planning, problem solving, and coordination of the vision and ministry of the church with the Deacon Board, church staff, and lay ministry staff.

g. He shall be involved in leadership development and equipping the church to do the work of the ministry. The pastor as the spiritual leader shall support, counsel, and otherwise offer guidance to the directors of the various ministry teams.

h. He shall have a heart for the community and be involved in community outreach and shall assist the congregation in its efforts to reach the community.

i. He shall be involved in visitation, shepherding, and counseling.

j. He shall be responsible to present a written report on the work, health, and vision of the church at the annual business meeting.

k. He shall be a voting member of the Church Board. He shall provide a monthly written report on the work and health of the church to the Church Board.

l. He is encouraged to attend committee meetings of the church.

m. He shall supervise, direct, and give feedback to ministry team leaders in collaboration with the Elder Board.

n. He shall serve as a representative of the church to the community, the broader body of Christ, and the EFCA, both on the district and national level.

The Senior Pastor will be directly responsible to the Elder Board, who in turn is responsible to the congregation.

a. He should have the desire to remain in long-term ministry with Onawa Evangelical Free Church.

b. He will develop, share, and implement annual goals for himself and all church ministry team leaders.

c. He will be expected to take at least one day off per week (not Sunday). A second day off during the week will be strongly encouraged. If he is required to work on his day(s) off or for some reason must work an unreasonable number of hours, he should adjust his schedule and take additional time off to compensate for this overtime.

d. At times, he may need to work several nights per week as the need arises to attend committee meetings or attend to other church business.

e. When involved in church activities attended by lay people (e.g. community service project, whole church social, etc.), he should not expect compensatory time off.

f. Salary, vacation, ministry leave (e.g. a sabbatical), and other benefits will be established by the congregation upon recommendation by the Church Board and will be reviewed annually.

Email Jamie Sorensen at [email protected], or call cell phone 712-420-0568.

Handout: OEFC Church Profile V3.pdf