Systems Coordinator


5 Point Church

Easley, SC

About the Systems Coordinator:

The Systems Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing all Databases and IT Systems at 5 Point Church. Database system/IT coordinator. We use the Rock CMS, and made the switch about 4 years ago. We have an in house server that currently we have an outside contract with a company to help take care of. It is a full-time position and we would like to build this department as the church continues to grow.

The Systems Coordinator Will:

  • Purpose and Vision
  • Manage and maintain the 5 Point Church Rock database.
  • Help the church staff with any IT issues that may arise each week.
  • Communicate with Check In team and lead them effectively in all check in ministries.
  • Communicate with our outside IT source to ensure that our in house network is running smoothly.
  • Troubleshoot any network problems that may occur on a Sunday or throughout the week.
  • Train the church staff on proper usage of our Rock database.
  • Serve God and the vision of 5 Point Church as given by the Senior Pastor and Senior Management Team.
  • Make every effort to bring the vision of 5 Point Church to life.
  • Be a leader on a volunteer team on Sunday mornings and willing to make an impact in any manner for the vision of our church.
  • Be willing to lead in other environments as necessary.
  • Be willing to do as the vision of the Church and the Senior Pastor leads.

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