Teacher – 3 Day Classical Academy


Knox Classical Academy

Roseville, MN 55126

Knox Classical Academy is seeking exemplary, Christ-centered faculty who walk in
commitment to excellence and continued growth. The Faculty Member faithfully
honors, upholds, and seeks to further the enduring mission and vision of the school. Please see our website for mission information.

Knox Classical Academy is a new school located in the Twin Cities opening in fall of
2023. Knox will offer a three-day-a-week classical education in blended classrooms,
beginning year one with K-12. Knox will be classically modeled and provide a Christ-centered community from which it will cultivate lifelong learners and seekers of truth.

● Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
● Member in good standing at a faithful, gospel-centered church
● Subscribes to the orthodox Christian faith and historical Christian ethics
● Gifted in organization for lesson planning
● Intuitive for student needs
● Excellence in classroom discipleship (ie. management)

● Map any course objectives on an annual academic calendar by the start of the school
● Provide a weekly lesson plan to the Lead Teacher that will be submitted by Friday the
week preceding if tutoring an individual student.
● Meet weekly with designated lead.
● Follow examination procedures for students.
● Follow the handbook in discipline procedures.
● Exercise supervision and care over school facilities, supplies, curriculum, and
● Understand, appreciate, love, and serve the students.
● Provide instruction that fosters spiritual, physical and mental maturity.
● Maintain an instructional atmosphere that is conducive to learning and biblical
● Instruct students in Knox Classical Objectives for each class taught.
● Maintain professionalism through attire and demeanor.
● Follow biblical patterns of conflict as outlined in Matthew 18:15-17.
● Navigate doctrinal differences through careful discussion and inform the Lead Teacher
should such a conversation cause conflict.
● Live at peace and resolve disputes using Biblical injunctions: 1 Corinthians 6:1-8,
Matthew 5:23-24, and Matthew 18: 15-20.
● Maintain accurate grading and grades in a timely manner.

The teacher will execute the following:
● Grading of homework and examinations will be completed within 48 hours of
submission (exception: papers).
● Grades will be entered into Class Reach within 48 hours of submission (as graded for
● Homework loads will take into account the mission and vision of Knox Classical.
● Parents will be communicated immediately upon successes and failures of students and
a weekly communication plan will be established.
● The Objectives, as outlined by Knox Classical will be implemented in the following
○ The frame of the individual student will be considered.
○ The assignments will foster a love of learning.
○ The examinations will be conducted in a manner that reveals skill development
in the objective areas.
○ Biblically integrated connections will be the foundation of all instruction.
● The curriculum will be used as a tool and not as the class itself.
● Objectives, as outlined in the dashboard, will be taught at an individual level.
● The faculty member will dress professionally.
● The faculty member will maintain a clean and orderly classroom.

Salary and benefits are negotiable and generally competitive with the local market for
private Christian schools.

Please reach out to our Head of School, Matt Metcalf, at [email protected].

Handout: Teacher Position – Knox Classical.pdf