Women’s Counseling Ministry Intern


Vision of Hope

Lafayette, Indiana

Do you have a heart for young women who are struggling and looking for answers from God’s word in tackling life-dominating sins? Do you have a desire to increase your skills in working with challenging young women from a Biblical point of view?
An internship at Vision of Hope just might be what’s best to help you gain the skills you’ll need to get an awesome job in this ministry area in the future! Interning at Vision of Hope will give you an edge in this career field and will give you valuable experience, and possibly even college credit.

Vision of Hope is a faith-based residential ministry whose staff and program focus on applying loving, practical solutions from God’s Word to help produce permanent and lasting change in women whose lives have become characterized by negative, life-dominating habits.

The program is designed to help solve complex problems as efficiently and thoroughly as possible, using a relationship with Christ and the direction available from His Word as the basis for change and growth

Only women are eligible for internships. We prefer experience or education in the Biblical Counseling field, but that is not required. Free housing and meals are included in the on-site intern position package. Off-site internships are available as well. All internships are unpaid.

New interns join our team in January and July of each year for a minimum of a one year commitment.

Annie Martin
[email protected]