Worship/Youth Minister


West Chicago Bible Church

WEST CHICAGO, Illinois United States

West Chicago Bible Church is excited to be considering applicants for a combined full-time position of Music/Youth Minister. WCBC is a small to medium sized congregation of disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to glorifying God through the power of the gospel and by knowing, understanding, and living out the precepts of scripture. We encourage applicants to visit the church’s website to learn more about doctrines we are committed to (What We Believe and What We Teach), review the current bulletin, listen or watch recent sermons, or even scan our latest quarterly newsletter.
• A mature believer, who rightly divides the scriptures, and demonstrates and models principles through his daily life
• Meets the elder qualifications as listed in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5
• Demonstrated experience/ability in working with High School, Jr High, children’s ministry
• Musical proficiency, including vocal and instrumental abilities
• Experience in leading others in corporate worship
• Adherence to the What We Teach document
• Engagement in the fellowship of a church
• Ability to work within a team and under the leadership of the Senior Pastor and the elder board
General Responsibilities – Worship
• Plan music, as part of worship service, on a weekly basis
• Coordinate music and worship plans with Senior Pastor and Office Manager weekly
• Sunday mornings 7:30 AM until Noon (set-up, practice, worship service, and Sunday School)
• Schedule regular practices with the members of the worship team, as needed, to work on new music, and development of the team
General Responsibilities – Youth
• Development of teaching plans (short and long term) for each level of youth/children’s ministry
• Coordinate teaching plans with Senior Pastor/Elders for entire ministry year
• Required times
o Sunday mornings 8:00 AM until noon
o Wednesday evenings from 5:00pm until 8:00pm
o As needed hours in the office, meetings, events
• Schedule regular meetings with families of youth within the church to evaluate ministry needs and growth
Specific Responsibility Details – Worship
• Plan weekly worship service
• Manage and organize Planning Center, Power point, and other resource
o Enter songs and arrangements into PCO
o Organize volunteers for worship team, sound & slides
o Maintain volunteer list in “People” of PCO
o Coordinate creation of PPT slides and verification of accuracy
• Develop Sunday morning worship team
• Coordinate/oversee/assist with live stream and recordings
• Sound equipment and Worship Center
o Organize and maintain church owned sound equipment
o Organize and maintain worship storage room
o Coordinate with Senior Pastor for worship center decor/design
Specific Responsibility Details – Youth
• Management of yearly calendar of classes, events, and deployment of resources
• Plan weekly teaching
o Choose specific Bible passages or curriculum
o Coordination of curriculum printing/distribution
o Organize volunteers for various classes
• Develop team of people to be part of ministry
• Management of resources
o Organize and maintain church owned curriculum
o Organize and maintain teaching centers/rooms

Email: [email protected]

Handout: WCBC Music & Youth Minister Job Description June 2021 Final.pdf