Youth Leader


First Baptist Church

Anoka, MN United States

Job Description
For Minister of Youth

I. General Responsibilities
A. To disciple the youth of the church by bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus
Christ and to guide them in the growth of that relationship with the goal of “attaining
to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ: (Ephesians 4:13).
B. To carry out other ministerial responsibilities as directed by the Senior Pastor or the
governing board.

II. Specific Responsibilities
A. Youth Ministry:
1. Oversee all Junior and Senior High Youth Ministries.
2. Develop/maintain lay leadership teams for Junior and Senior High Youth Ministries.
3. Organize and direct others to organize retreats, field trips. seminars, etc., for both
Junior and Senior High Youth Groups.
4. Develop youth outreach ministries to the “church youth” and “youth community”.
5. Meet periodically with youth on a one-to-one, and/or small group basis.
6. Counsel with youth and/or their parents.
7. Meet regularly with lay youth leaders.
8. Communicate with parents of the youth and have periodic meetings with them.
9. Be an example of the Christian life for the youth people of the church.
10. Develop/maintain a comprehensive youth ministry program including, but not limited
to Sunday School, Outreach, Missions and Youth Group(s).

B. Church Ministry:
1. Assist in worship services with Scripture reading, prayer and other responsibilities.
2. Perform other duties as directed by the Senior Pastor.
3. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Church Council.
4. Attend all church business meetings and prepare an annual report.

III. Accountability
A. The Minister of Youth is accountable to the church members. They will extend the call,
set the salary and accept resignation.

B. In carrying out his duties, the Minister of Youth is responsible to the Senior Pastor,
who is the direct supervisor.

C. The Minister of Youth will meet regularly with the Senior Pastor for prayer, spiritual
guidance and ministerial direction.

To find out more information go to or to our Facebook page. You may apply directly at If you have questions, call 763-421-5808.