Garrett Gransee

My name is Garrett Gransee, and I recently married my lovely wife, Brande (Nov. 19, 2022). Formerly, I was a high school math teacher for 10 years (Campbell and Moorhead, MN). While teaching, I led a missional community (small group) for my local church, participated and led in congregational worship for various ministries, and organized Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) groups within the public school system. After graduating, I am primarily seeking to teach (and coach) at a Christian academy located in a Midwest community with aspirations of teaching not only math but biblical languages and worship theology, spreading a passion for Christ and his Word. Moreover, I desire to be an elder at a local church with opportunitiesĀ to lead/facilitate congregational worship, disciple musicians and youth, and, Lord-willing, be a church pastor/shepherd down the road when it is time for my teaching career to end.
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