Every student cohort can be a mosaic of God’s image bearers.

Bethlehem College & Seminary is an intentionally small school that conducts academic programs in cohorts of about 20 students. The All Peoples Scholarship seeks to populate every cohort in every degree program with at least three African American and other minority students.



A Small School With A Big Heart for Ethnic Harmony

Qualified minority applicants to almost any school today will have abundant opportunities for financial support. The All Peoples Scholarship was developed to express an earnest invitation and to encourage as many minority students as possible to study, fellowship, and worship at Bethlehem College & Seminary. Three scholarships are available in each academic cohort, with two scholarship intended for African American students.



Up to $64,000 of Scholarship Support is Available Per Student

The average annual tuition for full-time graduate and undergraduate students is $16,000.** All of these students receive The Serious Joy Scholarship, $10,000 per year. Recipients of The All Peoples Scholarship receive an additional tuition credit to cover any remaining tuition. This means as much as $64,000 of total scholarship could be available.

Evening program students do not receive The Serious Joy Scholarship, but recipients of The All Peoples Scholarship are issued tuition credits for the total tuition cost of their academic programs.




* 40 students total in two cohorts of about 20.
** The average annual tuition of full-time resident students. Actual tuition may vary. Please confirm tuition costs for your program with an admissions representative.