Empty phrases I prepare
Piles of rubbish, rags of dirt
to be justified

Selfish pleasures I pursued
Gluttonous knowledge, impostor power
to be god myself

Brittle, sun baked bricks I’ll lay
Rebel blocks, fist-shaking heights
to be glorified

As the winds of calamity take breath
As the clouds darken and the ocean stills
The world stops

and I am afraid

A storm is coming

A jealous God, thunderous, wild, frenzied
Rides on the storm
Whispers through the rolling thunder
Speaks in crashing light

A thief he seeks to find

What Almighty God walks?
What all-seeing God seeks?
What all-knowing God asks?
What sovereign God regrets?

The one who promised painful seed
The one who kills to cloth
The one whose righteousness I have
The one in whom I hope.



Poem taken from the 2019 edition of Artos, the literary journal of Bethlehem College & Seminary students. Photo by B. Fulks, BA ’20.