Aha! It is the explosive, breakthrough moment of triumph or surprise that can change the trajectory of a student’s academic performance, perhaps even his or her entire life. It’s what all good teachers hope every day might happen in the lives of those they are teaching.

The faculty of Bethlehem College want to help you help your students reach such breakthroughs.

Aim At Aha is an in-person, high-quality, low-cost professional development program for teachers in Home, Classical, and Christian schools and networks.

Here’s How It Works

Sample a Session on ZOOM or at Godward Life

Attend one or all of the five forthcoming virtual or in-person “Sampler Sessions” that will feature different Bethlehem College faculty members. Taste and see how they Aim at Aha in their own classrooms.

Or Schedule an In-Person Workshop

Invite a Bethlehem College faculty member to lead a live Aim at Aha Workshop with your faculty, teacher network, or teaching association members.

The reimbursement of faculty travel expenses and a modest honorarium would be greatly appreciated.

Attend One or All ZOOM Sessions

McGlothlin_James C

Approaching Anthropology: Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. James McGlothlin
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology

Tuesday, October 24 | 7:30–9pm

Haines Circle 2022

C.S. Lewis and Trans-Everything: Teaching Virtue in a Vicious Culture

Dr. David Haines
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology

Thursday, December 7 | 7:30–9pm


The Good Story: Teaching Biblical Theology for Faithful Improv

Dr. Jared Compton
Associate Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology

Thursday, January 25 | 7:30–9pm

Howard_Zach c

Augustine Against the Neo-Stoics: Teaching Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Prof. Zach Howard
Dean of College Programs & Assistant Professor of Theology and Humanities

Thursday, March 7 | 7:30–9pm


J.R.R. Tolkien for Today’s Troubles: Teaching in Hope under the Perennial Shadow

Prof. Matt Crutchmer
Assistant Professor of Theology

Thursday, April 25 | 7:30–9pm

Or Act Now to Schedule an In-Person Workshop

It could be that your familiarity with our professors or interest in one of these topics is such that you would like to proceed with scheduling a personal Aim at Aha Workshop for your faculty, teacher network, or teaching association membership.

To do so, use the form below.

Habits of Mind and Heart

“Truly well-educated people have the habits of mind and heart to go on learning what they need to learn to live in a Christ-exalting way for the rest of their lives—in whatever sphere of life they pursue.”


Observe subject matter accurately and thoroughly.

Understand clearly what you have observed.

Evaluate fairly what you understood by deciding what is true and valuable.

Feel intensely according to the value of what you have evaluated.

Apply wisely and helpfully in life what you understand and feel.

Express in speech and writing and deeds what you have seen, understood, felt, and applied in such a way that its clarity, truth, and value can be known and enjoyed by others.

Bethlehem College students graduate as mature adults ready to witness for Christ with wisdom and wonder for the rest of their lives.