Aim at Aha!

Igniting High School Habits of Mind and Heart

Workshops for Homeschool, Classical, and Christian School Teachers

Offered by the Faculty of Bethlehem College & Seminary

It is the explosive, breakthrough moment of triumph or surprise that can change the trajectory of a student’s academic performance, perhaps even his or her entire life. It’s what all good teachers hope every day might happen in the lives of those they teach.

We teach students. You teach students. We want to help you teach your students better.

Whether your classroom is at a kitchen table, in a school building, or on a computer network; whether you’re teaching reading or writing, great books or the Greatest Book, our teachers are available to help you give your students habits of mind and heart that will serve them well for a lifetime.


In collaboration with Tammy Peters
Classical Christian School Educator and Author of
Well-Ordered Language: The Curious Student’s Guide to Grammar

Mother to two Bethlehem College & Seminary professors, Member at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Advisor to
Perpetua House in the Bethlehem undergraduate program.

Our teachers are all a part of the Bethlehem College & Seminary community. They have extensive teaching experience at the elementary, middle school, high school, college, and graduate level. They have taught in schools, in homes, and online. They have written books and designed curricula in a variety of subjects. They were educated at Hillsdale, New Saint Andrews, University of Minnesota, Texas A&M University, Boyce College, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ohio State University, and more.

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