A People Centered on Christ


At Bethlehem College & Seminary, we are a personality cult, meaning that we are a people centered on the worship of a person: no, not the chancellor, not the president, and certainly not the chairman of the board. But we intentionally, earnestly, and enthusiastically focus on a person: the pre-eminent Son who has been given all authority on heaven and earth and who is the ground and the point of our lives and ministries.

Conveying the transcendence of this Person is not merely a cognitive, didactic exercise. Rather, it’s portrayed as we display awe-filled reverence toward our pre-eminent Creator and his Word. We live for his honor, and we teach for his honor. A great teacher does not bore his students, especially with pre-eminence.

We teach the Bible, the gathered revelations from God, which he desires to make available to all the elect, even those not yet born. The elect are dependent upon the written Word to know the living Word. We don’t merely teach its summarized doctrines; we teach it, its very words.

If I say we are a personality cult, of sorts, I am not saying we brainwash. Jesus never challenged the legitimacy of questioning whether something is true. We welcome questions and then go to the Bible to see what’s there, and what we see there are his words, the truth.

While human teachers are fallible, they are, nevertheless, necessary for our growth and edification. God has given Bethlehem College & Seminary an outstanding cadre of teachers who take themselves and their students toward greater and sweeter worship of Jesus.

Last week, the board of Bethlehem College & Seminary met to consider solidifying our institutional stability now that we are officially accredited. We’re praying for committed, long-term, Christ-centered employees like the ones we have, strong and steady enrollment like the Lord has given us; continued refinement of the partnership with Bethlehem Baptist Church; and development of the financial foundation underneath the school. Pray with us for such things.

Sam Crabtree Board Chairman Bethlehem College & Seminary

Kenny Stokes’ Message at Chapel,
February 25, 2016: “Christian Faithfulness and Ethnic Harmony”

 Join us for our weekly Chapel Service on Thursday, March 10rd, 12:45-1:45pm, featuring Jeff Noyed speaking on Ministries of Mercy.

Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for committed, long-term, Christ-centered employees.

2. Please pray for strong and steady enrollment.

3. Please pray for continued refinement of the partnership with Bethlehem Baptist Church.

4. Please continue to pray for the development of the financial foundation underneath the school.