A Significant Decision


As the escalation of the cultural and political debate around us continues, the significance of even just one person—one president, one Supreme Court justice, or one governor—becomes clearer. A single person in any of these positions can have enough influence to shape a culture—for better or for worse. This reality amplifies the importance of choosing such people wisely and only after careful consideration and deliberation.

On a smaller scale, think of the importance of choosing wisely when it comes to selecting a pastor for your church, a key employee for your business or ministry, or a spouse. Each of these choices will has a significant impact on your life and ministry for many years to come.

In the next few weeks, we are facing similarly significant decisions at Bethlehem College & Seminary as we are in the midst of looking for three new faculty members for the college. By God’s grace, this need has primarily been brought about by the growth of the college over the last two years. While we are losing one faculty member who is moving away to pursue further education, the other two positions are brand new.

The hiring of faculty is one of the most important tasks that a school undertakes. This is because any school, large or small, is only as good as its faculty. Therefore, this task must be done with careful diligence in order to guard against the inexorable pressure to compromise and the resulting drift away from the original mission and beliefs of the school. We have, unfortunately, witnessed this drift too many times in theological institutions around the country.

I’m telling you all of this because we need your fervent prayers for this process during the next few weeks. We need to hire three new faculty members who will guard the good deposit given to us by the Lord. They must be academically qualified to teach their respective subjects, be excellent instructors, have pastoral hearts for watching over the souls of our students, and be of high character to serve as models of a mature Christian faith. This is a tall order but one that the Lord has met for us with each of our previous hires. Please pray diligently that the Lord would deliver such faculty to us once again.

Tim Tomlinson President Bethlehem College and Seminary

Join us for our weekly Chapel Service on Friday, April 8th, 12:45-1:45pm, featuring Jason DeRouchie speaking for Admissions Preview Day.

Prayer Requests:

1. As you pray for our faculty search process, please pray for the candidates as they come and that our team would evaluate them accurately and with great discernment.

2. Praise the Lord with us that we just received a favorable decision from the Dept. of Homeland Security regarding the acceptance of international students!

3. Please be in prayer for our upcoming Preview Day for prospective students on April 8th. Pray that the Lord would lead many of the attendees to seek admission to our school.

4. Praise the Lord for the continued growth of the number of people who are supporting us financially. Pray that the number of supporters keeps growing in order to keep up with the growth of the school.