Barb Waldemar Named New Dean of Women


Barb Waldemar has been an integral part of BCS since before BCS existed. In the old TBI days, when the college program was one year of integrated study named INSIGHT, Barb worked with our students by finding them housing and assisting them with life in Minneapolis and at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

As our institution has grown into Bethlehem College & Seminary, Barb has grown also, becoming the Housing and Event Coordinator for the entire school, not just one program. Unofficially, Barb has cared deeply for our women students, assisting them, housing them, loving them, advising them, and often being their surrogate mom.

BCS is very happy to announce that Barb has been officially named the Dean of Women. What Barb has been doing unofficially she will continue to do with the full blessing of BCS. Barb strengthens BCS in so many ways and is a very important part of our school. We all thank God for her.

Barb will continue to serve as housing and event coordinator, but will place more focus on caring for our female students.