Biblearc Update


New Feature: Scholar Search
This new Scholar Search module offers a professional Greek and Hebrew search that rivals expensive Bible software.

The new Scholar Search on was designed to be both incredibly powerful and incredibly simple.
You can quickly search by lemma from anywhere on the site or form complex queries by specifying parsings
and combinations of words. The search is extremely fast and allows you also to star, categorize and make notes
on the results.

The full-featured Scholar Search is free to use and if you want to save your work in the cloud, it costs just a few dollars per year.

NA28 and LXX Now Available
Biblearc now uses the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament (NA28). This is hands-down the best Greek text available and we thank God for the German Bible Society who allows us to present it to you at no charge. Additionally, we have added the Septuagint with parsings, an invaluable tool for Old Testament research and Greek word studies.

Supporting Biblearc through giving
A month ago we announced our desire to begin making available other scholarly resources that require licensing fees. It is our hope to start by giving users the ability to purchase BDAG, the best Greek lexicon in the world, at a very discounted rate. To do so, we need to raise $5000 for initial costs. We have already received a gift for $1000 and would invite you to consider likewise making a tax-deductible donation. Contact us at [email protected]
for more information.

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