PasCon Breakout Session Recap, Part 2


During Tim Tomlinson’s presentation of the vision of Bethlehem College & Seminary at the Desiring God Conference for Pastors, he listed eight characteristics of Bethlehem College & Seminary:

We believe the Lord has led us to create this institution in order to serve the needs of the church in a unique way.  BCS will be characterized by the following qualities:

  1. We will be intentionally small
  2. We are church-based
  3. We view disciple-making as central to our purpose
  4. Our programs will be primarily cohort-based
  5. We are a confessional school
  6. We exist primarily to serve the needs of the church
  7. We are committed to making our programs affordable
  8. We desire to be strategic in the use of resources and therefore will be selective in our admissions decisions

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