Piper & Rigney Discuss History of Ideas Major


Homer. Plato. Augustine. Shakespeare. Austen. Great authors whose works have stood the test of time. How should Christians approach these enduring works of history, literature, and philosophy? What can we learn from the Classics? How do the Great Books relate to the Greatest Book?

Beginning Fall 2013, Bethlehem College & Seminary plans to find out. We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new undergraduate major in The History of Ideas. Building on the Omnia Program, the History of Ideas major focuses on great works of Western Civilization and aims to equip students to join the Great Conversation as broad-minded, big-hearted, deeply-rooted Christians.

Listen to Chancellor John Piper and Professor Joe Rigney discuss this exciting new major and what we mean by “a Christian Hedonist Approach to the Great Books.”

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