Planting the Seed of the Word …


We are not merely to understand God, but to love him with all our minds.

It stands to reason that we must know him to love him, and must study him to know him. But no one has studied him more thoroughly than the Devil, and it hasn’t resulted in love. The seed of the Word is to be planted not only in brains, but in hearts. (It would be a mistake to conclude that we increase the intensity of our love by dimming the capacity of our brains. “Great are the works of the LORD, studied by all who delight in them.”—Psalm 111:2).

“Great” believers down through history from Elijah to Edwards were great not because they aspired to be great men, but because they loved a great God.

BCS aims to fuel such greatness of heart in our 199 students, faculty, and others, under girded by careful thinking about the scriptures. To that end last Thursday the BCS board of stewards conducted an eight hour meeting right after the chapel service where we engaged such God-loving mechanisms as accreditation, board governance, academic freedom, defining what it means to be “church-based,” donor mobilization structures, election of officers, and more.

Board officers are …

President, Tim Tomlinson
Vice President, Tom Steller
Secretary, Jim Kragenbring
Treasurer, Jason Abell

Ask God to foster careful thinking and fervent loving.

Sam Crabtree
Board Chair

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for the connections made with prospective students at the Fall Preview Day. Pray that God
    would continue to solidify for them where he wants them to study as they consider applying to colleges
    and seminaries.
  2. The formal evaluation team from the Association for Biblical Higher Education will visit from October 8-10. Their visit will determine whether or not we will receive accreditation status. Our prayer is that this team would be impacted by seeing what God has done in our faculty, staff, and students as we have pursued to
    know Christ more and be wholly satisfied in him alone.
  3. God continues to bring all that we need to run Bethlehem College & Seminary, and we invite you to
    continue to pray that he would provide for the institution, staff, and students.