Thanksgiving to God from Our Students



Seminary Thanks


I am thankful to God for bringing me to a church-based seminary that has faculty that treasures Jesus in their life, that prays for their students, and models Christ-like humility while challenging me to rigorous academic standards. And for my new daughter born on 9/11. (Steven)

I’m thankful that the Lord has proven to me His Matthew 6:33 faithfulness, often providing what I needed in the 11th hour! Great is His faithfulness indeed! (Kevin)

Thank you Jesus Messiah because in our coming here you have shown yourself not only to be the Bridegroom we wait for but the one who supplies oil for our lamps as we are your lights in this world. (Marcus)

Thank God for the four babies born to the 2nd year apprentices: Jude, Noelle, Hannah, and Jael. What grace! What a semester! Jesus is amazing. (Jonathan)

I praise God for leading to BCS staff and faculty that are devoted to solid scholarship and, more so, to seeing the Word aptly taught and applied in the Church; they are not in ivory towers but in trenches. (Brett)

I praise God for a group of students and graduates who are literally laying down all claims to their own lives in order to bring the gospel to people who do not know it. (Grant)


College Thanks


I am so thankful for the God-centered teaching, the fellowship and community of believers who are living for the glory of God, and for all those who are praying for us students!! (Hannah)

I thank God that He has graciously chosen to make His power known in my weakness on the mission field. (Brandon)

My heart wells in gratefulness to the Lord who remains faithful and good regardless of circumstance. (Elizabeth)

I am so grateful to God for a college staff that labors constantly for us students, not only academically but spiritually. (Celinda)


Degree Completion Thanks


I am deeply grateful for Bethlehem College’s Degree Completion Program because it has been my favorite year of school (ever!) as it has deepened my love for the Lord and for His Word. (Bryan)

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift! (2 Cor 9:15) I am thankful for the opportunity to study at this Christ-centered, God-entranced school. I am learning much about my Savior and my faith. It is truly inexpressible. (Colleen)

I thank God for the joy of loving him through Greek! (Ed)