Theology in Motion


At Bethlehem College & Seminary, our classrooms are full of delight in the Doctrines of Grace. We walk through God’s word carefully, tracing his arguments for his work in the world through his son, all the while profoundly thankful for God’s calling in our lives.

While Bethlehem College & Seminary students and faculty alike share much academic profit from the serious wrestling with theology in Scripture, God continues to bless Bethlehem College & Seminary with the enjoyment of doctrine worked out into the warp and woof of our lives.

Most recently, the Bethlehem College & Seminary community has joined Johnathon Bowers, Instructor of Theology and Christian Worldview, and his family as well as and Dr. Jason DeRouchie, Associate Professor of Old Testament, and his family as they have welcomed home new family members through adoption. Late this summer, Charlie joined the Bowers family, while Sarah Joy and Joseph DeRouchie arrived from Ethiopia welcomed by their four eager siblings.

In his book Adopted for Life, Russell Moore, the dean of Southern Theological Seminary who spoke at the Desiring God Conference this year, argues that the theological reality of our adoption as sons of God in Christ can play out poignantly and beautifully in the adoption of children. The Bowers and DeRouchies are sharing this picture with us, and we are rejoicing in it.