Update from BCS Board Chair


Diversity of thought is not the point of higher education. Academic freedom is not a free for all.

More important than diversity of thought is truthfulness of thought, which, as an aim is only an intermediate one. Thinking truly is only one step; the aim is to think lovingly, especially toward God. Devils can think truly about God without loving him. At Bethlehem Baptist Church, we aim to foster love for God—love with all the heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Last week, as board members traveled in from around the country for commencement, we conducted an eight hour board meeting during which the board addressed such business as a formal evaluation of the president. We seek to know, and President Tomlinson wants us to know, whether the president is shifting theologically, or becoming shoddy in his marriage, or compromising his character. As board chair, I can say with great thanks to God that the board’s confidence in President Tomlinson is as high as ever.

With this commencement and the granting of diplomas and certificates to 47 graduates, Bethlehem College & Seminary is now five years old.

President Tomlinson reports that just this year eight faculty published a total of six books and three peer-reviewed journal articles in addition to multiple book reviews and encyclopedic entries. Book highlights include:

The board established The Rising Generation Fund, which seeks to stabilize the institution’s financial position, satisfy the accrediting inspectors, and ensure that we can continue to offer a very high educational value for a low tuition charge to the students. For more information contact Rick Segal our Vice President of Advancement & Distinguished Lecturer of Commerce and Vocation.

Sam Crabtree
Board Chair