Bees and Boards


Many Christian ministries, including Bethlehem College & Seminary, are like bumblebees that fly despite their inherent aerodynamic limitations. However, something is at work that moves beyond efficient systems, human leadership, and slick operations (though we strive for efficient systems, solid leadership, and healthy operations). Bethlehem College & Seminary’s success is typical of our Heavenly Father who reminds us that our thoughts and our ways are not always His (Isaiah 57:8-9).

One of the happy mysteries of Bethlehem College & Seminary is that God often chooses to work through ordinary jars of clay, “not by strength or by might, but by My Spirit.” (Zechariah 4:6)

Board of Trustees Fall 2016

Here is a sampling of the business God enabled us to undertake during our recent Board of Trustees meeting:

  • Kenny Stokes led us in a sober consideration of Deuteronomy 8:10ff, with a warning about becoming presumptuously complacent about successes the Lord has given us.
  • We adopted a “25 x 25” Strategic Objective to identify and develop church planters and global partners to target unengaged people groups around the world.
  • We chartered an Academic Affairs Committee to promote standards of excellence.
  • We engaged in lengthy and earnest discussion of the role of the board in the process of faculty hiring, a vitally important aspect of any educational institution.
  • We heard an exciting report from the new academic dean, Dr. Brian Tabb, regarding the health and well-being of the faculty, the number of book manuscripts completed by faculty this summer, and the ramping up for the next round of accreditation assessments.
  • The president reported that enrollment is currently at 209 students, and we now have 287 graduated alumni. A task force is exploring property development.
  • We reviewed social media guidelines for employees.
  • We received a report on Advancement, including the launch of the Alex Steddom International Student Fund.
  • We received the Treasurer’s Report, and thanked God for His provision to make it possible for students to graduate debt-free.
  • We updated the Bethlehem College & Seminary Affirmation of Faith with regard to wording about persons with severe intellectual disabilities.
  • We conducted the annual election of board officers.

So as a board we take no credit for our amazing faculty, our finances being in the black, and our influence reaching around the world. So, we strive to stay low, and faithfully attend to the tasks to which He has called us.

Sam Crabtree
Board Chairman


Chapel Message, September 14

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