Our Cameroon Classroom



Last week I returned from my 5th trip to Cameroon this year. But this return was different. I didn’t come back alone. I had the joy of traveling with Dr. Dieudonné Tamfu, my former student and now my boss in Cameroon. He is also my pastor in Cameroon, my fellow professor, and my friend. He is the Director of Bethlehem College and Seminary’s extension site in Cameroon.

We came back together because, after much prayer and many hours working with Engineering Ministries International, we are now beginning to cast the vision for a multi-purpose building that will have a sanctuary for Église Baptist Bethléem and also for larger pastor’s conferences and seminars.

There will also be an annex with four classrooms (to serve the seminary), a library, and a print-on-demand room where we plan to print books and curriculum and encourage God-centered African authors to write and publish.

Lord willing, our initial cohort will be graduating with their accredited Master of Divinity degrees this coming May. It was a joy this summer when four students from Bethlehem Seminary in Minneapolis came to Yaoundé and met their Cameroonian classmates. They also taught classes for the church and had the opportunity to attend a pastor’s conference with pastors from Cameroon, Gabon, Chad, and the Central African Republic. Thirty-five tribal groups worshiped and feasted on God’s Word together at this conference.

Dieudonné and I are deeply grateful for all of your prayers and giving toward the mission of Bethlehem College and Seminary!

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Tom Steller
Associate Professor for Biblical and Global Studies, Bethlehem College and Seminary
Elder, Bethlehem Baptist Church
Director of Theological Education in Cameroon, Training Leaders International

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that the students will finish their M.Div.s well.
  2. Pray that God will provide for the ministry center.
  3. Pray that God will lead us in the admissions process for next year’s cohort.