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True Fellowship

The biblical term “fellowship” is very important yet frequently misunderstood. Many church buildings have a “fellowship” hall, and some Bible-loving congregations may even name an adult Sunday school classes koinonia (the Greek word for “fellowship”). If you stay for a cup of coffee and a brief chat with fellow church members after the Sunday morning […]

New Ministry Opportunities

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you! First, I would like to give you a short update of what the Lord has been doing in our lives during this last year. Earlier this May, Bethlehem Baptist Church voted to transition me from a Pastoral Resident position to a full pastoral staff position […]

The Indispensable Wrath of God

“God is a god of love, not of wrath!” — “God’s not mad at you; He’s mad about you!” Perhaps you’ve heard statements similar to these. In our current cultural moment, it’s easy to see why these sentiments are so appealing. Man, in an effort to justify his preferences, lifestyle, or actions, has redefined both […]

A Look at God’s Work Among Pastors in Northern Vietnam

After teaching for two weeks in Viet Nam in March, I was privileged to return to teach again in June for one week. I taught at a different site each of those three weeks, and it was great to reconnect with brothers and sisters in Christ whom I had taught before. It was my fifth […]

Our First Seminary Graduates in Cameroon

On May 13, Bethlehem College and Seminary’s extension site in Yaoundé, Cameroon, will graduate its first five students who have completed our four-year Master’s of Divinity Program. Yesterday Dieudonné, Vera Tando, administrative assistant, and I experienced the weight and significance of this coming event. We were invited to the home of the former prime minister […]

The Death of Death in the Saving Death of Christ

Good Friday fuels our worship of the triune God as we meditate on what John Owen calls “the death of death in the death of Christ.” Let’s situate Christ’s death among his nine saving events:     The above figure that depicts Christ’s nine saving events is from Robert Peterson’s Salvation Accomplished by the Son: […]

God’s Sovereignty and the Fall of Assyria

The Lord is good,     a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.     But with an overflowing flood he will make a complete end of the adversaries,     and will pursue his enemies into darkness. (Nahum 1:7–8)   When I was visiting the British Museum in London last September, I was reminded […]

On The Double

PRAY, GIVE, SHARE It is our joy to announce that a small number of generous contributors to The Serious Joy Scholarship at Bethlehem College and Seminary have come together to provide $500,000.00 in matching funds to encourage generosity this Spring. It represents the largest such matching gift in the school’s fourteen-year history.   BIG, SERIOUSLY JOYFUL NEWS […]

Dante’s Soul-Pictures

A baptized, disciplined imagination is essential for Christian maturity. As the ‘organ of meaning,’ the imagination serves an indispensable role in apprehending the Good, the True, and the Beautiful — those transcendentals that find their fountainhead in the triune God. A Spirit-shaped imagination enables us to enjoy God more. And so, Trinitarian Hedonists cultivate holy […]

How God Has Revealed Himself

We believe in education because we believe in God. And we do the kind of education we do because of how God revealed himself.