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God Never Forgets

There are numerous times during my week where I simply forget. Ask my wife and she will tell you I frequently forget where I put my truck keys. My boys will tell you that I often forget telling them they could stay up late on Friday and watch a movie (even as I confidently assert […]

Let the Nations Be Glad

On his first morning in the United States of America in August 2007, having just arrived from Cameroon to become a student at Bethlehem, Dieudonné Tamfu lifted this prayer to God:*  “Lord I will be going out to see the new world into which you have brought me. I do not now know how it […]

The Lord Did It

As many of you know, one of our central aims at Bethlehem College & Seminary is to have a disproportionate impact on the world. O, how we want to make an impact for the supremacy of Christ and the joy of all peoples! But, this impact will be disproportionate because we aim to make it through […]


The light-fingered wind steals all the warmth in my sweater, as she heads south with the geese.     Poetry and art taken from the 2021 edition of Artos, the literary journal of Bethlehem College & Seminary students. Art, “Grasping Hours” by E. Stuck, College Student.

Why Pursue a Non-Traditional Master’s or Bachelor’s at Bethlehem?

There are at least three (human) motives flowing together into an answer to this question: Why pursue a degree in Bethlehem College & Seminary’s non-traditional programs? Let me investigate these briefly as a help to you as you assess God’s leading for you. BETHLEHEM’S MOTIVE Bethlehem College & Seminary invests significantly in our non-traditional degrees […]

My Dear Wormwood, Letter 1

My dear Wormwood, In your last letter, you told me that your patient has found herself at the crossroads of a monumental decision in her life. From what you’ve related to me of your patient, it seems she tends to be driven by a disgusting desire to do what is ‘right’ by both the Enemy, others, […]


“Baby!” my niece says. Knee high to a wee Acridid, in complete adoration, she says: “Baby!” “It is a baby, and, child, you’re almost too, (in more ways than in one). Precocious neonate, Avuncular doting transcends thee. It is my job.”     Poem taken from the 2021 edition of Artos, the literary journal of Bethlehem […]

President Rigney, Day One

 As I take office as the second president of Bethlehem College & Seminary, I wanted to send a short message to all of you, expressing my deep gratitude to God for your prayers and support for the school. In 2005, I moved here, to Bethlehem Baptist Church. I was newly married, a college graduate […]

Stirring and Striking

Thankfulness is on my mind these days. It all started a few weeks ago when Dr. John Beckman, our Associate Professor of Old Testament, shared a faculty devotion that was both stirring and striking. He unpacked for us his journey of thankfulness that revolved around Scripture passages like Ephesians 5:20, “giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the […]

Commencement Rescheduled, Again

Bethlehem College & Seminary’s Eleventh Annual Commencement Exercises will now be held at 7:00 pm, CDT, on Friday, May 21, 2021, at the North Campus of Bethlehem Baptist Church. Date and location remain the same. The time has changed to 7:00 pm.    Planning for this year’s live, in-person Commencement has required navigating both COVID-19 mandates […]