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Languages: To Preserve the Gospel

THE BETHLEHEM COLLEGE EDUCATION SERIES Every college student at Bethlehem College & Seminary is required to learn Greek and either Hebrew or Latin. If they stick around for our M.A., they will get to study all three languages. This might make you wonder why we have such an emphasis on languages.  Some students come to […]

The Bethlehem College Education

Philosophy: The Love of True Wisdom (Christ)

The Bethlehem College Education Series The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy that there were some in Ephesus who conducted studies that only, “promote speculations rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith” (1 Tim. 1:4). We do not know the exact content of what was being taught in Ephesus, but Paul claims here […]

Literature: Training in Ways of Being Human

The Bethlehem College Education Series The Great Books cannot save your soul. Only the Greatest Book (or rather, the Person revealed in the Greatest Book) can do that. Nevertheless, the Great Books still have great value in training us in ways of being human, in showing us who we are as individuals and as groups. […]

Christian Doctrine

The Christian doctrine courses at Bethlehem College & Seminary are central to undergraduate education not because they are, as “systematic theology,” the capstone or goal of each student’s course of study. Rather, these courses are important because it is here that we aim to form students’ habits of theological imagination. They are, to borrow one […]

Rejoice with Us Tonight!

Tonight, we celebrate the first ten years of Bethlehem College & Seminary’s history at our Decennial Convocation. This promises to be a wonderful time of worship, inspiration, and thanksgiving for the many mercies of the Lord that have been poured out on us in these beginning years. For those of you who live in the […]


NEWS RELEASE LEWIS GUEST, IV JOINS BETHLEHEM COLLEGE & SEMINARY FACULTY Urban Neighborhood Pastor-Scholar to Teach Bible and Theology (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) – – – November 1, 2019 – – – Bethlehem College & Seminary announced today that Lewis Guest, IV has joined the faculty as Instructor of Bible and Theology. “We have had the pleasure […]

History: A Narrative of Divine Providence

THE BETHLEHEM COLLEGE EDUCATION SERIES We have established that the Bible is the Greatest Book, and it informs all our courses at Bethlehem College & Seminary, including our undergraduate history courses. God is the author of history, directing the very ebb and flow of human history from the creation of Adam and Eve to the […]

The Greatest Book

The Bethlehem College Education Series At Bethlehem College & Seminary, the Bible anchors all that we do. We read many Great Books in our undergraduate programs, but none of them compares to the Word of God, the Greatest Book of all. The Psalmist says, “I rejoice at your word like one who finds great spoil” […]

Cultivating Maturity

The Bethlehem College Education Series Christian discipleship is the highest aim of Bethlehem’s education, as the first article in this series explains. Stated another way, Christian discipleship is the formation of mature adults who are ready to witness with wisdom and wonder for the rest of our lives. How exactly, though, should a student coming […]