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Mary of Bethany

The gowns of displeasured priests cascade shapelessly in rows before the peasant poor, encircled now to witness history arrive at the indictment of a perfect man. The anticipation is timeless, of course—a fine inheritance for a fool. Witnesses are occasioned, assessed. In Christ’s thoughts, Adam is naming the birds—his new wife off unknowingly carrying to […]

The Gershonite

“This is the service of the clans of the Gershonites, in serving and bearing burdens: they shall carry the curtains of the tabernacle and the tent of meeting with its covering…”—Numbers 4:23-24 Lord, Here I am—doing the service of my father’s clan. You have chosen us for this task: to carry the robes of you, our […]

Road to Love

I take the road that leads to love anew, Yet pause before and seek to spy the end. Can I return, a one so oft untrue And faithless? Can I now this course defend? Nigh half a score of years have passed since I Your favor held and first enjoyed your grace, But O! My […]

O Adam

O Adam! Formed of dust and breath divine, What many-hued inheritance is thine— Thou godlike figure blackly robed in vice With memory of verdant Paradise, Traversing mottled Earth and sapphire Sea And wondering at star and rock and tree—Thine is the gold that runs in mountain vein, Thine are the proud and reddened hands of […]

The Lens of God’s Providence

No Cause

Charged with duty, when thou didst beget me Of protection, and provision, and love. Yet, poisoned drink and essence captivated thee; Title “Father” did you keep, however unworthy of. Though cast aside, advanced was I in enmity and grief. Love for you I declared; my duty, at least, I did perform. Armed with sorrow and […]

Death Replies To Donne

Yet, I am proud, though you rebuke me. Slave I am, but slave whose power doth swell. With sickness, poison, war, you say I dwell— ‘Tis true, and you fear each because of me. Slave I am, but slave beneath whom ev’ry Other slave doth tremble and his pride quell! Through me fate sends kings […]

In All Circumstances

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. It will likely be a holiday that we won’t soon forget as all of the restrictions of the pandemic continue to restrain us from our normal gatherings and activities. In fact, some of us may have a hard time thinking of what there is to give thanks for! And yet […]


Rise from sleep, day has come, now are the hours of the sun. Time to work, time to plod, turning hand to till the clod. Dirt beneath stomping feet, Plow-crushed earth smelling sweet. Rock and thorn Causing pain, Fields of mud in pouring rain. Muddled furrows, hard to see where seed will sprout and plant […]


There is a sadness that feels cold, And forgets that light is not dead When hurt and regret are thus wed In the human problem of old. Grey shadows stretch across his path, The sun from the horizon beams, Hues of red upon the world gleams, The town falls in a scarlet bath. He stops […]