Every Wednesday, the Bethlehem College and Seminary community worships God together under the preaching of the Word. All are welcome to attend chapel at noon followed by community lunch.

Chapel Schedule » Spring 2024

Faith that Works: Wisdom from James

The book of James combines challenging commands, vivid illustrations, and practical instructions so that we may have true faith that works. This chapel series explores a number of key topics such as rejoicing in trials, overcoming temptation, showing genuine love, examining our speech, and persevering in prayer. Join us for chapel on Wednesdays at noon in the Bethlehem Baptist Church sanctuary.

President Brian TabbRejoicing through TrialsJan 17
Pastor Brandon BellomoRejoicing through TrialsJan 24
No Chapel - Serious Joy ConferenceJan 31
Chancellor John PiperOvercoming TemptationFeb 7
Dr. Jared ComptonHearing and Heeding the WordFeb 14
Pastor Aaron BrowningLoving Your NeighborFeb 21
Dr. Joshua GreeverTrue Faith that WorksFeb 28
Pastor Rich PenixTaming the TongueMar 6
No Chapel - Spring BreakMar 13
Pastor Sam ChoiTrue Wisdom and Its FruitsMar 20
Pastor Kenny StokesFriendship with the WorldMar 27
Pastor Jason WredbergBoasting about TomorrowApr 3
Marshall SegalWisdom in RelationshipsApr 10
Pastor Adam PohlmanPatience in SufferingApr 17
Prof. Lewis GuestPraying with PowerApr 26
Greg MorsePursuing the WaywardMay 1
Senior ChapelMay 8