Bethlehem College

Evening Classes

Grow as a disciple of Christ while studying our Sovereign God and Sacred Book in an in-person degree program that accommodates the demands of work and family.

We desire to graduate students who are rooted in Christ and ready for the world. We believe that education is discipleship, and there are some things that you can only learn face-to-face, life-on-life. Our programs are designed to give students key habits of heart and mind that will serve them in every area of life.

We are excited to offer new class opportunities in our evening programs for members and ministry leaders of local churches. It’s an opportunity to Taste and See what we mean by Education in Serious Joy. Those who take classes work through assigned reading and engage in the regular classroom experience of graduate and undergraduate evening students.

Beginning Greek 2

Continues the fundamentals of New Testament Greek, with a primary emphasis on basic morphology and general syntactical relationships, reading and translation, and mastery of elementary vocabulary.

Jan 16–May 13: Mondays* from 6-7:30pm

16 Weeks Total

*Class meets on Tuesday, Jan 16, instead of on Monday, Jan 15, and Tuesday, April 2 instead of Monday, April 1.

No classes on Jan 29 or Mar 11 for the Serious Joy Conference and Spring break, respectively.

Systematic Theology 2: Christology, Pneumatology, and Soteriology

Continues the study of systematic theology and focuses on the exegetical basis, historical development, and contemporary relevance of the doctrines of Christ, the Spirit, and salvation.

Jan 16–Mar 18: Mondays* from 7:30-10pm

8 Weeks Total

*Class meets on Tuesday, Jan 16, instead of on Monday, Jan 15.

Historical Theology

A study of the development of selected Christian doctrines from the first century to the present, and their impact on the trajectory of Christian life and practice.

Jan 16–Mar 18: Mondays* from 7:30-10pm

8 Weeks Total

*Class meets on Tuesday, Jan 16, instead of on Monday, Jan 15.

Biblical Theology 2: Old Testament Latter Prophets and Writings

Examines the discipline and task of whole-Bible, Christ-centered theology, displayed in creation and redemption, by surveying and tracing the message and major themes with a focus on the Latter Prophets and Writings.

March 25–May 13: Mondays* from 7:30-10pm

8 Weeks Total

*Class meets Tuesday, April 2 instead of Monday, April 1.

Issues in Theology—The Biblical Covenants

Examines the biblical covenants in their theological, historical, and literary contexts in order to understand how they interrelate, function in the story of the Bible, and undergird ecclesiology and eschatology.

Seminar Dates: Feb 23, 6–10pm; Feb 24, 8am–12pm; Apr 5, 6–10pm; Apr 6, 8am–12pm.

Need to Know

Important Dates

January 1

Application deadline to audit or attend evening courses, if spots are still available.

After January 1

The course syllabus will be available once the auditor or student is registered for the course and payment has been submitted. Syllabus will include required books, assignments, reading requirements and due dates.

*Auditors are only required to complete assigned reading.

January 16/March 25

Class start date will depend on if the courses is 16-weeks or 8-weeks. 8-week courses start either January 16 or March 25. See course options above for specific dates.

Auditing vs. Special Student

What is the difference between auditing vs. becoming a special student?

Individuals who choose to audit classes at Bethlehem are focused on personal enrichment and will not receive college credit.

Individuals who enroll under a special student status can take up to 4 classes for credit at Bethlehem without pursuing a certificate or degree.

Additional Options

Graduate certificate students are fully enrolled in Bethlehem College and take 7 courses total (21 credits) to complete a Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies. Classes are $375 per credit.

What is the cost?

In keeping with our commitment to affordability, we are offering the option to audit for $100 per class or become a special students for $235 per credit (undergraduate) or $375 per credit (graduate).

Is Bethlehem Accredited?

Yes, Bethlehem is accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education. Special Students can apply their credits toward a Bethlehem program or transfer their credits to other institutions, if desired.

Is Housing Available?

No, Bethlehem is unable to provide housing.

Registration deadline for auditing and special students is January 1, as space allows.